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Shipping Charge FAQ

I ordered something Next Day Air, and it didn't arrive the next day.  Why?:  There are three possibilities:

  1. Item was not in stock.  We have 99% of items in stock, so this is rarely the case.

  2. Your order was placed after UPS has already picked up for the day.  If you enter an order at 3:00PM on a Tuesday Next Day Air, the order will not actually be picked up by UPS until Wednesday which means you won't receive the order until Thursday.  If you had placed the order by Tuesday morning, there is a good change we can get your item packed and ready for UPS pickup that day.

  3. You placed order during or before a weekend.  UPS does not ship Saturdays (at least with us).  An order placed on early Friday morning can ship on Friday.  Next Day means Next Business Day.  So you should receive your order on Monday.

Why are international shipping charges so high?   We just pass along our UPS shipping costs.  UPS Worldwide Expedited service usually provides delivery within 3 or 4 days anywhere in the world.  UPS also provides detailed tracking information which helps track down any problems.  However, the first pound shipped is very expensive - usually $60.00 or $70.00.  Subsequent pounds cost much less.  If you are buying a low cost item, you might be better served to find the item locally or consider buying a larger quantity so that the shipping cost is a lower percentage of your order cost.  We also charge a $17.00 Customs paperwork fee because we must hand fill out shipping documents, Customs requires 5 copies of some documents and packaging is handled specially.

A 10 pound (5 Kilo) camcorder shipped 3 day delivery and insured to Singapore only costs about $120 USD, but a 1 ounce (28 gram)  filter costs $65 USD to ship.  We are just passing on our actual UPS costs

If I order UPS Next Day, when will I receive the order?  UPS counts each business day as a day.  Weekends don't count.  Holidays don't count.  Remember that orders placed after UPS pickup will not ship until the following day.

For orders placed before UPS Pickup:

UPS Class Of Service Order Placed On Monday Morning
UPS Next Day Order should be received on Tuesday
UPS 2-Day Service Order should be received on Wednesday
UPS 3-Day Service Order should be received on Thursday
UPS Ground Service Order may take up to 5 or 6 business days
UPS Worldwide Service Order usually takes 3 or 4 business days

Billing and Shipping Address FAQ

1:  How come my billing and shipping address need to match for a first time buyer?

Because of high rates of attempted internet fraud.  We verify all shipping addresses with the credit card company.  If we don't have a match, we have a potential problem.  Once we get to know you, we are more trusting about where we ship.

2:  My shipping address is my work address, but my credit card gets billed to my house.

Most credit card companies can hold two addresses in their system.  The first address is usually the billing address.  The second address is called an Alternate Address which can be your work address.  If your work address is listed with them, then we will get a match when we verify your card.

3.  Do you take American Express, Discover, PayPal, etc?

We only take Visa or MasterCard for online orders.  American Express charges higher fees which in turn makes are items cost more for everyone else.  The vast majority of people have access to a Visa or MasterCard.  If you don't have a Visa or MasterCard, you can pay via check, money order, cash or wire transfer.

4.  My billing address is a PO Box and you say you can't ship to a PO Box.

We use UPS for shipments because they pickup at our location daily, we can track shipments and insure packages if needed.  UPS cannot deliver to a PO Box because the postal service doesn't let them.  You need to get your shipping address listed as an Alternate Address with your credit card company.

5.  I placed an order on 8:00 PM last night and requested Next Day service.  How come I don't have the shipment today?

Because it didn't ship out last night.  When your order does ship, it will ship with the class of service you request.  If we receive orders before 11:00 AM EST, we usually get the order out the same day.  We stock everything we sell, and try to keep sufficient inventory on-hand.   If we get an order when we are closed, then we probably won't be shipping that day.  

6.  I sent you an email on Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  Why won't you answer my questions? 

Because we were closed.  We don't have people waiting 24/7 to answer your calls or questions.  We try to respond quickly, and we usually ship the same or following business day.  We are open from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM EST Monday to Friday.  Sometimes we work on the weekends.

7.  We are a business and want to send you a purchase order.

We do accept purchase orders from government agencies.  If you are a business and are going to be a repeat customer regularly ordering over $1,000 per order, we can review your credit history and make a determination.  if you are placing a small, one-time order, you need to use a credit card or send a company check.







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