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UVUnVis Ink

We have an unusual UV ink that can be seen as dark writing when viewed through a special UV camera fitted with our XNite330 filter.  Some UV source of light is needed such as sunlight, blacklight, LED UV Light or UV-A white fluorescent bulb. 

UVunVis Ink is


Invisible under a black light (does not fluoresce)


Invisible to the human eye


Invisible to infrared cameras







UVunVis ink can be used for marking and tracking items covertly.  Since the ink can be seen with a special camera and filter, items marked can be tracked remotely.  

Possible Uses

bulletBoxes marked with the UVunVis ink can be watched and tracked in a warehouse.  Packages of high value or needing special attention can be easily seen.
bulletCustomers bags may be marked and checked by a security monitor at store exits without stopping and bothering them.
bulletHuman and animal studies involving tracking and tracing can be done without visible marks.
bulletPapers and items can be marked with a highly secure invisible mark.

                             Normal Visual Image                                   Image as seen with special UV camera and Filter









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