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DISCONTINUED.   Sorry but this item is no longer available.

IRUCG Detector / 940nm Light Source



bullet20 powerful 940nm IR LED's
bulletCompact, handheld unit
bulletViewing window in front shades area viewed while illuminating with IR LED's
bulletSecurity side loop
bulletCan detect our IRUCG Powders and Inks

Unit includes:

bulletIRDET1 detector
bulletRecharger Base - requires 12 VDC
bullet12 VDC Power adapter for 110-120 VAC

The IRDET1 can be used to detect our IRUCG powders and inks.  By placing the unit over the area to be checked and pressing the power button on the top, the IRDET1 illuminates 20 power IR LED's which cause the IRUCG1 powder to fluoresce green.  



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The human eye can't see the 940nm light produced by the IR LED's.  We have taken a picture of the unit using our DSC-F717 which has been modified to see infrared and visible light simultaneously.


Recharger Base and 110 VAC power adapter



IRDET1 on charging base

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