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12 Watt Portable UV Light

bulletTwo 6 Watt Tubes
bulletTotal Output Power - 12 Watts
bulletOne or Two Tube Operation
bulletOperates Up To 26 Hours On Batteries
bulletUses 8 D-Sized Batteries Only
bulletFold Down Handle
bulletParabolic Back Reflector

Tube Configurations:
bulletTwo 6 Watt 365nm Filtered Tubes - model UVFL2BLB
bulletTwo 6 Watt 365nm Un-Filtered Tubes - model UVFL2BL
bulletTwo 6 Watt 254nm Un-Filtered Tubes (Germicidal) - model UVFL2UVC
bulletOne 6 Watt 365nm Filtered/ One 6 Watt 254 Un-Filtered Tube = model UVFLUVCBLB

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Two 6 Watt 365nm Filtered Tubes

  Model UVFL2BLB



Two 6 Watt 365nm Unfiltered Tubes



Two 6 Watt 254nm Un-Filtered Tubes

  Model UVFL2UVC

The 254nm Ultraviolet Lights are also called Germicidal lights because the UVC light emitted will kill bacteria, mold and fungus spores, germs, micro-organisms and airborne bacteria.  Germicidal lights are used in hospitals, poultry brooder rooms, incubators and hatcheries, bakeries, bottling factories, breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical companies and for water sterilization.

Common classifications for UV light

UVA 400nm 320nm
UVB 320nm 290nm
UVC 290nm 100nm

Note: nm means nanometer.  400nm is equal to 0.0000004 meters which is the length of the wave from peak to peak.

UV light and Anthrax:  UV light will kill Anthrax spores.  However, Anthrax is more resistant than some other bacteria to UV light.  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has not published any standards for the length of time and intensity of 254nm light to kill Anthrax. 


One 6 Watt 365nm Filtered Tube & One 6 Watt 254nm Unfiltered Tube


The Dual 254nm/365nm 12 Watt light can light either one tube or both tubes simultaneously.   254nm light is harmful to all living organisms.  Special measures must therefore be taken to afford protection against direct radiation.

Please read the page on Technical Information about Germicidal Lights.


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