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Discontinued - Sony is not manufacturing this camera anymore.

If you have a DSC-S30 or find one, we can modify it for you for $150 + return S&H.


Sony DSC-S30 Infrared Enabled Camera


Here is a really neat camera!  

We started with the great Sony DSC-S30 Camera and modified it so that it can take Infrared Pictures.   This camera uses standard 37mm filters so you can use all of our 37mm IR and other filters.  With a USB interface and Memory Sticks (up to 128MB), you can store and transfer lots of high quality pictures.  The camera even has a Video Output (NTSC & PAL) so you can connect this to a camcorder or VCR for filming video!  The screen can be flipped to view from the back, top or even the front.  Images can be stored up to 1472 x 1104 pixels with it's 1.6 Million Pixel HAD image sensor.  

This IR-Enabled camera has no overexposure or whiteout problems when taking IR pictures in daylight.  Every normal function works properly including full automatic shutter and aperture control.  

The Sony DSC-S30 is very small, light, unobtrusive yet takes very nice high quality pictures.  You could even use the Video Output of this camera to connect to a non-IR Camcorder or VCR to take IR Video in user selectable NTSC (USA) or PAL (European) video modes.

The still picture quality is better than the pictures from the Sony camcorders.  The time to store pictures is faster.  The camera has 2 slow shutter modes similar to the Super Niteshot function.  The camera can take high speed pictures at 1/500 second shutter speed or can take long exposure pictures at 8 seconds.  The ability to take long exposure pictures is particularly important for astronomers, law investigators and scientific studies.


Important Note!

Enabling Infrared photography changes the color balance on the camera.  Therefore, normal photographs will show an incorrect color balance.  This is most noticeable on outdoor photographs.  For correct color balance for normal photographs, you must use a color correcting filter such as our X-NiteCC1.  Please see the example pictures to understand this issue.


Key Features

bullet1/2.7" 1.3M pixel Super HAD™ CCD image sensor with 1.6M pixel interpolation mode
bullet3X optical zoom lens, 6X precision digital zoom
bulletHigh-speed scan auto focus with 5 manual focus presets and Macro mode
bullet7-mode program auto exposure with Aperture priority and Shutter priority modes
bullet4-mode auto white balance
bullet1472 x 1104 maximum picture size
bulletSelectable JPEG, TIFF, and Text modes
bulletShutter speed from 1/500 second to 8 seconds!
bullet2 Slow Shutter Modes
bullet3:2 mode for photo albums (1280 x 848)
bullet320 x 240 E-mail mode
bullet12-bit A/D conversion
bullet4-step adjustable sharpness setting
bullet2" 123K pixel EX-Bright LCD with multi-angle adjust
bulletIntelligent flash with red-eye reduction
bulletAuto orientation position sensor
bulletTime/date imprint function
bulletPlayback crop/trim and resize
bulletStores images on Memory Stick® media
bulletVideo output (NTSC/PAL selectable)
bulletUSB PC interface with driver and cable
bulletInfoLithium® rechargeable battery, AccuPower™ meter
bulletBattery charger/AC adapter supplied


Supplied Accessories

bullet4MB Memory Stick® media
bulletInfoLithium® battery (NP-FM50)
bulletCharger (AC-L10)
bulletShoulder belt
bulletA/V cable
bulletUSB cable


Optional Accessories

bulletMSA-8A/16A/32A/64A Memory Stick® media
bulletCyberFrame™ digital photo frame (PHD-A55)
bulletMemory Stick® printer (DPP-MS300)
bulletMemory Stick® floppy disk adapter (MSAC-FD2M)
bulletPC card reader (MSAC-PR1)
bulletType II PC card reader (MSAC-PC2)



bullet4  7/16"  x  2  11/16"  x  2  11/16"
bullet13.6 oz.





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