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Fuji S5 Pro 12 MegaPixel Digital Camera


XNiteFujiS5         UV+Visible+IR

XNiteFujiS5IR     IR-Only


Note:  Fuji has stopped making the S5 Pro.  We can sometimes find a new one, but the price will probably be more.  The price indicated is probably correct for a good, used S5 Pro, but this will depend on availability.  If you want this camera, you should check with us first for current pricing.



(Body only - lens pictured here is not included)

We have the Fuji S5 Pro available as a UV+Visible+IR model and IR-Only.  If you are doing forensic work, you probably want the version that can see UV.  IR-Only is useful when you want to have a camera dedicated to IR photography and be able to see through the lens normally while having Auto Focus (AF) and Auto Exposure (AE) work.  


The UV+Visible+IR camera can take normal pictures when using our IR blocking filter XNiteCC1.  When using an IR pass/Visible blocking filter, you will lose AF and AE, and you will also not be able to see through the lens.  This conversion is exactly the same as the Fuji IS Pro which retails at a substantially higher price.


Body material Magnesium alloy
Sensor Fujifilm SuperCCD SR II
23.0 x 15.5 mm
2 photodiodes per photosite (one S and one R)
RGB color filter array
14 bit A/D converter
Effective pixels 12.34 million
    S-pixel: 6.17 million
    R-pixel: 6.17 million
Image sizes * 4256 x 2848 (12.1 million)
3024 x 2016 (6.1 million)
2304 x 1536 (3.5 million)
Image formats

JPEG (EXIF 2.2) - 2 levels (Fine, Normal)
CCD-RAW (14 bit) - S only mode
CCD-RAW (14 bit x2) - S+R mode

Lens mount Nikon F mount (with AF coupling & AF contacts)
Usable lenses

Type DX AF Nikkor: All functions supported
Type G or D AF Nikkor (IX Nikkor lenses can not be used): All functions supported
Micro Nikkor 85 mm f/2.8D:All functions supported except autofocus and some exposure modes
Other AF Nikkor (excluding lenses for F3AF): All functions supported expect 3D color matrix metering II and 3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR
AI-P Nikkor: All functions supported except 3D color matrix metering II,3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR, and autofocus
Non-CPU: Can be used in exposure modes A and M; electronic range finder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; colour matrix metering, multi-sensor balanced fill-flash for digital SLR, and aperture value display supported if user provides lens data

FOV crop 1.5x
Focusing * 11/7-area AF
TTL phase detection
Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module
Detection range: EV -1 to EV 19 (ISO 100, 20C/68F)
Single / Dynamic Area AF (inc. Closest Subject Priority)
Lens servo * Single Servo AF [S]
Continuous Servo AF [C]
Manual focus [M]
Focus Tracking automatically activated by subject's status in [S] or [C] AF
AF area mode * Single Area AF
Dynamic AF with Focus Tracking and Lock-on
Group Dynamic AF
Closest Subject Priority Dynamic AF
AF assist Yes, white lamp
Shooting modes Programmed AE Mode (with program shift)
Shutter-Priority AE
Aperture-Priority AE
Metered Manual
Metering system / range 1,005-pixel CCD
Matrix: 0 - 21 EV
Center-Weighted Average: 0 - 21 EV
Spot: 3 - 21 EV
  (Normal temperature with F1.4 lens)
Metering modes 3D Color Matrix Metering II
Spot (3 mm circle)
Meter Coupling CPU and AI
AE Lock Dedicated button
Half-press shutter release
Exposure compensation * +/- 5 EV
1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV steps
Exposure steps 0.5 EV
AE Bracketing 2 or 3 frames
0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0 EV steps
Sensitivity ISO 100
ISO 160
ISO 200
ISO 400
ISO 800
ISO 1600
ISO 3200
Shutter Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal-plane shutter
Shutter speed * 30 sec - 1/8000 sec
Flash X-sync * 1/250 sec
Aperture values Depends on lens (1/3, 1/2 or 1 EV steps)
DOF preview Button, stops-down lens aperture
Exposure moes Program Auto [P] - flexible program possible
Shutter-Priority Auto [S]
Aperture-Priority Auto [A]
Manual [M]
Drive modes Single frame
Continuous shooting
Self-timer mode (2, 5, 10 or 20 sec)
Continuous shooting
Yes, details unknown
Built-in flash Pop-up (manual)
Guide no. 12 (ISO 100)
Max shutter speed: 1/250 sec
Flash control TTL: TTL flash control by 1,005-pixel RGB sensor.
Built-in Speedlight: i-TTL balanced fill-flash or standard i-TTL flash (spot metering or mode dial set to [M])
SB-800 or 600: i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR and standard i-TTL flash for digital SLR.
Auto aperture: Available with SB-800 with CPU lens
Non-TTL Auto: Available with Speedlights such as SB-800, 80DX, 28DX, 28, 27, and 22s
Range-priority manual; available with SB-800
External flash X-contact hot-shoe (with i-TTL support)
PC sync terminal
Viewfinder * Fixed eye-level pentaprism
Built-in diopter adjustment
Coverage: Approx. 95%
Magnification: 0.94x
White balance * Auto
Color temperature
Film simulation * F1
Color space sRGB
Adobe RGB
Dynamic range * Auto
100% (Std)
230% (W1)
400% (W2)
Storage * Compact Flash Type I/II
LCD monitor * 2.5" TFT LCD
235,000 pixels
Connectivity * USB 2.0 (Hi-Speed)
Video out
Wired remote
DC in
PC Sync terminal
Power * Lithium-Ion battery
Optional AC adapter
Dimensions * 170 x 113 x






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