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Nikon D5000: 12.3 MegaPixel Prosumer Infrared-Enabled Camera 


XNiteNikonD5000        UV+Visible+IR

XNiteNikonD5000IR     High-Red (590nm or 665nm),  IR-Only (715nm or 830nm)

XNiteNikonD5000HR    HR (High Resolution / Hot Rod)



Nikon D500 - front view

(Lens not included)

The Nikon D5000 is a prosumer digital SLR camera.  Because of the nature of the IR enabling modification, we do not recommend this camera to anyone who does not fully understand the implications of the modification.  This camera offers great IR sensitivity, dynamic range and low noise. 

We can modify this camera to be IR+Visible+UV, High-Red, IR-Only and, High Resolution (HR).  

bulletIR+Visible+UV: Camera seee everything the sensor is cable of seeing.  Camera will see some UV, the entire visible range and infrared from 715nm to 1200nm.

665nm: Camera will see from 665nm to 1200nm.  Red channel will see visible red and infrared.  Blue and green channels will only see infrared.

590nm: Camera will see from 590nm to 1200nm.  Red channel will see visible red and infrared.  Green channel will see come visible green and infrared.  Blue channel will only see infrared.


715nm:  All channels  only see infrared.  The red channel is the most open to the IR and contains somewhat different information than the blue and green channels allowing for some creative color effects such as red-blue channel swapping to get deep blue skies.  A 715nm converted camera sees about the same amount of light as a stock camera so apertures and shutter are similar to a stock camera.  715nm is similar to a Hoya RM72 or Wratten 89B.

830nm:  All channels only see infrared.  Camera loses about 2 stops of exposure.  Once you equalize color levels, picture will be almost completely black and white.  The infrared effect is more intense at 830nm - skies are darker, clouds whiter and you see further through smoke and haze.  

bulletHR (High Resolution/ Hot Rod).  An HR camera has the Anti-Aliasing (Blur) filter removed and replaced with a thicker IR Cut Filter to keep the same focal plane.  A Visible HR camera will maximize the resolution and color depth of the camera at the expense of possible moire pattens.  Please see more about this conversion here.

Please note that this model does not have a drive motor to autofocus lenses.  You need to make sure you are using a AF-S or AF-I CPU type lens which have autofocus motors built in.

We can modify your D5000 for $450 + return S&H ($20 UPS ground insured domestic USA).  Turn around is 1 or 2 days from receipt.  We only need the camera and charged battery for testing along with a cover letter specifying the conversion type.

Please note that the anti-dust system is disabled on our conversions.  Live View will work correctly.

Modification will void your warranty.





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