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IRDC5 - IR Fluorescent Powder

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IRDC5 is highly fluorescent with multiple excitation frequencies and a primary emission centered at 710nm, 790nm, 800nm & 825nm. 

An infrared viewing device or detector is required to see the IR fluorescence of the IRDC5.  Our modified IR enabled cameras can see the IR fluorescence.  


  • Excitation (absorption) frequencies: multiple including 460nm, & 600nm
  • Emission (fluorescence) frequencies: primary centered at 710nm, 790nm, 800nm & 825nm
  • Average Particle Size: 5 Microns
  • Solubility: None
  • Type: Proprietary inorganic
  • Blue Wool: 8 or higher
  • Long Term Stability: Very high
  • Visible Appearance: Pale green