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254nm 4-Watt 365nm/BlackLight Order



Longwave 4-Watt Lights

FlashUV6 - 365nm/Blacklight Handheld Light

FlashUV8 - 365nm/Blacklight Suction Cup Light

Our FlashUV6 and FlashUV8 365nm/ Blacklight light are a convenient tools for portable, UV illumination.  They have both a side 365nm 4 Watt light and a front Krypton flashlight bulb.  Durable, convenient multi-function light.

FlashUV8 model with front suction cups.

The FlashUV8 is useful when you need to attach the light to a smooth surface.  Common uses are when using a UV curing adhesive such as those used for windshield repairs, optical adhesives and UV curing epoxies.


bulletSide Bulb: 365nm, 4 Watt Light, Replaceable, Fluorescent, 6000 Hour Life
bulletFront Bulb:  Flashlight Krypton
bulletBatteries Required:  4-AA
bulletHanging loop in back
bullet3 Position switch: Front Bulb, Off, Side Bulb
bulletRubber front and end caps


Example pictures showing the FlashUV6 illuminating our Alcohol and Acetone based invisible inks.

Normal Light.  Ink is invisible.



365nm / Blacklight.  Ink is visible.





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