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MaxCtrl Custom

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The X10 Mega-Grid controls and shows the status of every X10 device possible. The color of the square
indicates if the device is on, off or unknown. By clicking on any button, MaxCtrl will send out the
appropriate codes.

With letters A to P and numbers 1 to 16, you can control up to 256 separate X10 devices individually.
You can use the same letter and number code for more than one unit and both units will respond to
the same code.

If a device is on, the Mega-Grid will show a green square. Off is a red square, and if no code has been
transmitted, the square remains grey.

On the far right are special buttons that control all lights and all units for a particular letter. You might
want to assign a letter to represent a certain room or perhaps all outside lights. Then, when you want
to turn all units off outside, you would only have to press one key.

On far lower left are special buttons that control every X-10 Unit. If you want to turn off everything, all
256 possible devices, you can do so with one mouse-click. If you wanted to turn every light on, say in
case of a fire, you could press one button.

Clicking on any number button will toggle the device from On to Off or Off to On. MaxCtrl will
automatically send out the appropriate code.



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