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Blue/White UV Ink

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UV Invisible Inks, Ink Pads and Pens 

Blacklight / Ultraviolet (UV) Viewable - Isopropyl Alcohol Based

Our Invisible Ink uses special High-Brightness Ultraviolet (UV) Blacklight Viewable compounds.  The Invisible glows a bright blue and UV or Blacklight including our special UV flashlightUnder normal light, this ink is completely invisible.  This ink can only be seen when illuminated by a UV or Blacklight emitting in the 350nm - 385nm light range.  The ink is permanent and can be applied to paper, some plastics, skin, wood and almost any substance.  The ink does not wash off, but will eventually wear off if applied to skin.  The ink may smear when rubbed on some glossy materials such as glass and some plastics.  The ink will fade if left exposed to sunlight for about 1 week.  If the ink is not left exposed to the sun, the ink will last indefinitely.

If you are marking plastic, you may want to try the invisible red acetone based ink or the invisible yellow MEK based ink.  Different types of plastics and different types of surface finishes after if an ink can be smeared when rubbed after drying.  

Depending on the light used, this ink will appear a blue or white depending on UV light used.  Please see pictures below for color appearance.


bulletAccess Control At Parties, Nightclubs, Dances, Special Events
bulletSecurity Codes
bulletUse to mark personal belongings invisibly
bulletBeverage Hand Stamps
bulletPermanently mark or sign documents to prevent forgery and fraud
bulletink can be seen under an ultraviolet lamp by police departments


The ink used in our ink pads our a special slow evaporation invisible ink.  Because pads have a large surface area when open, we use a slower drying ink than our normal quick dry ink.  To replenish pad, use our special UV Stamp Pad ink.  Ink pad is delivered in a sealed zip lock bag.  When pad is not in use, pad should be kept in sealed bag to prevent ink evaporation.  



Small UV Invisible Ink Pen


Jumbo UV Invisible Ink Pen - Available in regular fast dry and slow dry ink.


Ultraviolet lamps to fluoresce invisible inks is a popular method of readmitting patrons to amusement parks and other establishments where re-entry control is required. LDP High-Visibility Inks can be applied to the patron's hand when exiting the park. When re-entering the park, the patron passes the stamped hand under the ultraviolet lamp to fluoresce the ink

Our Jumbo UV invisible ink pens are available in regular fast dry and slow dry ink.  The fast dry ink becomes invisible within a few seconds.  The slow dry ink leaves a visible mark for about 15 minutes.   The slow dry ink is useful were you want to temporarily see the mark to verify its application.

Re-admittance type inks are designed for use at amusement parks, swimming pools, social gatherings, bars/night clubs and sporting events. Inks are fast-drying and non-transferable.

High Brightness Blue Inks are sold in the following sized bottles:

bullet1/4 Ounce
bullet1/2 Ounce
bullet1 Ounce
bullet2 Ounces



Ultraviolet Ink Pad


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Invisible Ink Stamp Pad. 

bulletMicrocellular pad holds a large quantity of ink and wears much longer than conventional sponge or felt pads.
bulletPad can be re-inked with our bottled UV Ink.
bulletHigh-Brightness Blue UV Ink

We recommend that when ordering the Stamp Pad that you also order replacement UV Stamp Pad Ink.  The UV Ink used is alcohol based and evaporates more quickly than traditional oil based visible inks.   UV Stamp Pad Ink is only available in 2 Ounce size.

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Ultraviolet Bottled Ink


bullet1/4 Ounce Bottle 
bulletHigh Visibility Bright Blue Invisible Ink
bulletGlass bottle
bulletTeflon Lined Cap

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bullet1/2 Ounce Bottle
bulletHigh Visibility Bright Blue Invisible Ink
bulletGlass bottle
bulletTeflon Lined Cap


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bullet1 Ounce Bottle
bulletHigh Visibility Bright Blue Invisible Ink
bulletGlass bottle
bulletTeflon Lined Cap

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bullet2 Ounce Bottle
bulletHigh Visibility Bright Blue Invisible Ink
bulletGlass bottle
bulletTeflon Lined Cap

The 2 ounce bottle of Blue Invisible Ink is also available with Stamp Pad Ink which is a slower drying ink.  The slower drying helps stamp pads not dry out as quickly as the normal UV ink.

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Ultraviolet Pens

bulletFiber Tip Writing Pen
bulletJumbo Marking Pen

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Ultraviolet Powder

bulletInvisible when mixed
bulletLong term stability
bulletHighly Fluorescent

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