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Lipstick Camera

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Mini Infrared Stealth Lipstick/Bullet Cameras! We now sell self contained miniature B&W infrared cameras with an IR lens permanently installed.  Camera is inside a small, Lipstick sized tube 2.5 inches long x  0.8125 inches diameter.  Power supply required is 9-12 VDC regulated.  0.1 Lux, >512 lines resolution.  Included with the camera is a permanent swiveling mounting bracket, mounting screws, and integral power and video connectors.

We do not recommend using transformer "Wall-Wart" power supplies because the transformer based power supplies can surge and damage the electronics in the camera.  If you damage the camera by using an improper power supply, then camera cannot be repaired or replaced.  Please use our XCamPS1100 Switching Power Supply on our bullet cameras.

IR B/W Bullet Camera Frequency Range Options

bullet715 nm
bullet780 nm
bullet830 nm
bullet1000 nm

The IR bullet camera may exhibit a slight vignette (cutting off at the corners).  This is caused by the design of some camera and the relationship of the camera lens to the filter.

Bullet Camera Options

bulletColor or Black&White
bulletStandard or High Quality (HQ) Option.  HQ cameras have better sensors, more lines of resolution, higher sensitivity and locking BNC video connectors instead of RCA plugs..  

We COLOR bullet cameras without the IR capabilities.  Great for helmet cams, security, baby monitors, extreme portability, etc.   Small, weather resistant and durable.


XNite PInhole B&W bullet camera.  You only need a 2.5mm or 0.10 inch hole for camera lens.

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Click here for actual images from the XNite Bullet Cameras

Color Bullet Color Bullet HQ B&W Bullet B&W Bullet HQ B&W Bullet Pinhole
Model XNiteBtC XNiteBtCHQ XNiteBtBW XNiteBtBWHQ XNiteBtBWPin
Infrared Capable No No None / 715nm/ 780nm/ 830nm / 850nm / 1000nm / XDP Optional None / 715nm/ 780nm/ 830nm / 850nm / 1000nm / XDP Optional Yes
Image Sensor 1/3 CCD Color 1/3 Sony CCD  1/3 CCD BW  1/3 CCD BW 1/3 CCD BW
Video Format EIA or CCIR RIA or CCIR  B/W EIA or CCIR  B/W EIA or CCIR B/W EIA
Operating Voltage DC 9V to 12V DC 9V to 12V  DC 9V to 12V  DC 9V to 12V DC 9V to 12V
Power Consumption 150 mA 160 Ma  110 mA  150 mA 110mA
Gamma  0.45 0.45  0.45  0.45 0.45
S/N Ratio > 48db > 48DB  > 30db  > 48db >48dB
Sensitivity 0.1 Lux 0.4 Lux  1.0 Lux  0.01 Lux 0.1 Lux
Resolution > 420 TV Line Horizontal > 560 TV Line Horizontal  >420 TV Line Horizontal  >480 TV Line Horizontal > 420 TV Line Horizontal
Video Out 75 ohm, 1Vp-p Composite 75 ohm, 1Vp-p Composite  75 ohm, 1Vp-p Composite  75 ohm, 1Vp-p Composite  75 ohm, 1Vp-p Composite
Operating Temperature -10 C to +50 C -10 C to +50 C  -10 C to +50 C  -10 C to +50 C  -10 C to +50 C
Focal Length 3.6mm 3.6mm 3.6mm 3.6mm 3.6mm
Field Of View Angle Diagonal 92 degrees Diagonal 92 degrees Diagonal 92 degrees Diagonal 92 degrees Diagonal 92 degrees
Weight 100 Grams 100 Grames 90 Grams 120 Grams 100 Grams
Video Connector BNC BNC BNC BNC BNC
Dimensions 26mm (diam)  x 82mm (long) 21.6mm (diam)  x 81.5mm (long) 20.7mm (diam) x 59mm (long) 20.7mm (diam) x 90mm (long) 24mm (diam) x 50mm (long)

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Please see more information on IR Filters and FAQ's here.




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