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Fuji S3 Pro: 12.3 MegaPixel Professional Infrared-Enabled Camera 

Models: XNiteFujiS3 and XNiteFujiS3IR   - UV+IR+Visible & IR-Only


This camera has been discontinued.  Please see the Fuji S5 Pro


The Fuji S3 Pro is a professional digital SLR camera.  Because of the nature of the IR enabling modification, we do not recommend this camera to anyone who does not fully understand the implications of the modification.  This camera offers great IR sensitivity, dynamic range and low noise.  In addition, it has an unusual image preview mode where you can view the IR image on the LCD display panel before taking the picture.

We can modify this camera to be UV+IR+Visible or IR-Only.  An IR+Visible camera will see both Infrared and Visible light after modification.  An IR-Only camera will only see IR from 715nm through 1200nm.  The IR-Only camera has an internal 715nm IR filter with an antiflection coating.  The 715nm filter performs similarly to the Hoya RM72 and Wratten 89B.

Fuji has announced a new version of the Fuji S3 Pro called the Fujifilm Finepix S3 Pro UVIR.  The S4 Pro UVIR is functionally the same as our XNiteFujiS3.  We start with a normal Fuji S3 Pro, and convert the camera in our optical clean room to see UV and IR.  The UV range extends to 350nm which is the limit of typical camera lenses that are not made out of special materials such a quartz.  The infrared range is extended from a stock camera cutting off at 700nm to 1100nm.  This means that the camera can see as much in IR (700nm to 1100nm) as a stock camera can see in visible light (400nm to 700nm).  Note that our cameras are a better value at $1,450.00 versus Fuji MAP of $1,800 - and we have the cameras in stock!  

  UV+IR+Visible IR-Only
Model XNiteFujiS3 XNiteFujiS3IR
Camera can take normal visible pictures Yes with CC1 filter No
Camera can take IR pictures Yes with external IR filter Yes with no extra filters
Camera autofocus will work with IR pictures No Yes
Camera autoexposure will work with IR pictures No Yes with Exp Comp Adj
User can see through lens when taking IR pictures No Yes.  Filter is internal.

With 12.3 million effective pixels and Super CCD SR II (Super Dynamic Range) sensor technology, the FinePix S3 Pro offers wider dynamic range and higher S/N ratios for beautiful digital images.  This camera has a Nikon lens mount and is compatible with Nikon lenses.


bullet 4 Ni-MH batteries & Charger
bullet Shoulder strap
bullet Accessory shoe cover
bullet Eyepiece cap
bullet LCD cover
bullet Camera body cap
bullet A/V cable
bullet IEEE 1394 cable
bullet USB cable
bullet Cable holder
bullet Clamp filter
CD-ROM containing: RAW file converter LE, FinePix Viewer, ImageMixer VCD2 for FinePix, USB Driver



The Fuji S3 Pro has great IR sensitivity.  These pictures were taken with a Fuji S3 Pro modified for IR-Only at 1/2500 Second at F4.5 with a 50mm lens.  No processing has been done on these pictures. 

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