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Nikon D80: 10.2 MegaPixel Prosumer Infrared-Enabled Camera 

DISCONTINUED.  This model has been replaced by the Nikon D90.



XNiteNikonD80        IR+Visible

XNiteNikonD80IR     IR-Only

XNiteNikonD80HR    Visible Hot Rod


The Nikon D80 is a professional digital SLR camera.  Because of the nature of the IR enabling modification, we do not recommend this camera to anyone who does not fully understand the implications of the modification.  This camera offers great IR sensitivity, dynamic range and low noise. 

We can modify this camera to be IR+Visible,  IR-Only or Visible Hot Rod.  An IR+Visible camera will see both Infrared and Visible light after modification.  An IR-Only camera will only see IR from 715nm through 1200nm.  The IR-Only camera has an internal 715nm IR filter with an antiflection coating.  The 715nm filter performs similarly to the Hoya RM72 and Wratten 89B.

A Visible Hot-Rod camera will maximize the resolution and color depth of the camera at the expense of possible moire pattens.  Please see more about this conversion here.

IR+Visible IR-Only
Model XNiteNikonD80 XNiteNikonD80IR
Camera can take normal visible pictures Yes with CC1 filter No
Camera can take IR pictures Yes with external IR filter Yes with no extra filters
Camera autofocus will work with IR pictures No Yes
Camera autoexposure will work with IR pictures No Yes with Exp Comp Adj
User can see through lens when taking IR pictures No Yes.  Filter is internal.  External IR filters at other frequencies may be used with manual control.

Key features

bullet10.2 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop)
bulletImage processing engine (similar to D200 / D2X)
bullet3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor (same as D50)
bullet11-area AF system (new version of Multi-CAM 1000, similar to D200)
bulletCustom Auto ISO (selectable maximum ISO, minimum shutter speed)
bulletConfigurable high ISO and long exposure noise reduction
bulletMechanical only shutter (maximum 1/4000 sec, flash sync to 1/200 sec)
bulletQuoted 80 ms shutter lag (short viewfinder blackout; 160 ms)
bulletLarger, brighter pentaprism viewfinder (x0.94 magnification)
bulletSupport for SD-HC (SD cards over 2 GB in capacity)
bulletIn-camera retouching
bulletD-Lighting (shadow / highlight enhancement)
bulletRed-eye reduction
bulletFilter effects
bulletSmall picture
bulletImage overlay
bulletCompact body (smaller, lighter than D70/D70s)
bulletImproved menu user interface (same as D200)
bulletHigher capacity EN-EL3e battery (provides detailed information, same as D200)
bulletWireless flash integration (same as D200)




bullet1.3 lbs
bullet5.2 in
bullet3 in
bullet4.1 in

Main Features

bulletSensor resolution
bullet10.2 megapixels
bulletOptical sensor type
bulletEffective sensor resolution
bullet10.2 megapixels
bulletGross sensor resolution
bullet10.75 megapixels
bulletLight sensitivity
bulletISO 100-1600
bulletShooting programs
bulletClose-up, Landscape, Sports mode, Portrait mode, Night portrait, Night landscape
bulletMax shutter speed
bullet1/4000 sec
bulletMin shutter speed
bullet30 sec
bulletX-sync Speed
bullet1/200 sec
bulletExposure metering
bulletSpot, 3D color matrix, Center-weighted
bulletExposure modes
bulletBulb, Manual, Program, Automatic, Shutter-priority, Aperture-priority, I-TTL program flash
bulletExposure compensation
bullet?5 EV range, in 1/2 or 1/3 EV steps
bulletAuto exposure bracketing
bullet3 steps in 1/3 EV step
bulletWhite balance
bulletCustom, Presets, Automatic
bulletWhite balance presets
bulletFlash, Shade, Cloudy, Sunlight, Fluorescent, Incandescent
bulletStatus LCD display information
bulletProgram, Aperture, Film speed, Flash mode, Frame counter, Metering mode, Photo quality, Shutter speed, Autofocus mode, Self-timer mode, Photos remaining, Battery condition, Red-eye reduction, Memory card status, Picture resolution, Exposure compensation, Remote control indicator, White balance indicators
bulletStill image format
bulletJPEG, RAW + JPEG
bulletColor support

Memory / Storage

bulletSupported flash memory
bulletMultiMediaCard, SD Memory Card
bulletImage storage
bulletJPEG 3872 x 2592, RAW

Camera Flash

bulletPop-up flash
bulletFlash modes
bulletAuto mode, Fill-in mode, Slow synchro, Flash OFF mode, Red-eye reduction
bulletRed eye reduction
bulletAF illuminator, Flash +/- compensation

Additional Features

bulletSelf timer
bulletSelf timer delay
bullet2 - 20 sec
bulletExternal flash terminal
bulletHot shoe
bulletVideo input features
bulletAE lock, AF lock, FE lock, DPOF support, Direct print, Auto power save, Histogram display, PictBridge support, USB 2.0 compatibility, RGB primary color filter, Text input to Exif header, Display brightness control, Depth-of-field preview button


bulletOptical - Fixed eye-level pentaprism
bulletColor support
bulletField coverage
bulletDioptric correction range
bullet-2 to +1
bulletAutofocus frame
bulletLCD display information
bulletAE lock, Aperture, AF-in-focus, Frame counter, Shutter speed, Metering system, Exposure compensation, Flash charge completion


bulletLCD display - TFT active matrix - 2.5 in - Color
bullet230,000 pixels


bullet1 x Composite video output, USB, Remote control, DC power input
bulletExpansion slots
bullet1 SD Memory Card


bulletDrivers & Utilities, Nikon PictureProject

System Requirements for PC Connection

bulletOperating system
bulletMS Windows 98, MS Windows ME, MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 98 SE, Apple Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later
bulletUSB port, CD-ROM drive


bulletCables included
bulletVideo cable, USB cable
bulletCarrying case
bulletIncluded accessories
bulletBody cap, Dust cap, Lens cap, Eyepiece cover, Shoulder strap


bulletBattery charger - External


bullet- Lithium ion



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