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Sony DCR-SX45L

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Sony DCR-SX45L
Sony HDR-CX200 Sony HDR-TD30V


Sony DCR-SX45L UV+Visible+IR

Model: XNiteSonySX45L



We have a fully functional, brand-new 0-Lux Infrared (IR) capable Sony Camcorder DCR-SX45L that has been modified to see IR and Visible light simultaneously in normal mode.   By placing an IR filter on the camera, you can use the camera to see infrared images with all normal camera functionality unlike the NiteShot mode where the aperture is fully wide and shutter speed is 1/30 of a second.  This camera permits you to shoot in broad daylight with full shutter and aperture control.  This modified camera is completely normal as a regular Handycam but and can also film at up to 1200nm even in daylight.  You can use this as your regular camcorder and also as your infrared camcorder.

Externally, there are no visual changes. Internally, we have modified the optics so that the camera can see from 330nm to 1200nm versus a stock camera which can see from about 380nm to 750nm

Click Here For Actual Pictures Taken With our Camcorder and Normal Camcorder

Click Here For A Comparison Of Our Different Filters

All currently manufactured Sony camcorders will shoot a washed-out picture in daylight situations when in Niteshot mode without an IR filter!  For a brief period a few years ago, some Sony handycams/handicams could shoot in daylight when in 0-Lux Niteshot mode.  Then, some users discovered the ability to see through some fabrics in certain situations (The infamous X-Ray effect).  When Sony found out, they changed the camcorders so that when you are in Niteshot mode, the aperture is forced to full open and slow shutter speed.  The result is that if you try shooting in daylight situations when in Niteshot mode, your picture will be completely washed-out and overexposed.  Further, even if you use neutral density filters to compensate, the depth of field is very shallow meaning that your focus will only be correct in a narrow range.  Also, the slow shutter speed will blur moving objects.

Don't be mislead by others selling normal camcorders with the Niteshot feature.  Unless the camcorder has been re-enabled, the you may not be able to shoot outdoors in Niteshot mode will be with the addition of neutral density filters depending on the light and your particular model camera.  Make sure when somebody tells you the camcorder is "modified" that you understand if it was modified to shoot Niteshot during the day or modified by Sony NOT to shoot during the day!

This camera has been modified so that in normal mode, the camera see both infrared and visible light simultaneously.  This means:

1:  If you want to only see the infrared spectrum, you need to use an infrared pass / visible light blocking filter such as our XNite IR filters.

2:  For normal photography, you will need to use an XNiteCC1 color correct filter which blocks Infrared light and passes visible light.  If you don't use an XNiteCC1 filter, the camera will see both IR and visible light simultaneously which will result in strangely colored pictures especially outdoors.  

3:  In NiteShot mode, the camera operates like a stock camcorder.  The IR illuminating IR LED's turn on, exposure and aperture control is limited and the picture is tinted green.  You generally will only use the factory NiteShot mode when taking pictures at night where when you want the IR illuminating LED's to turn on.  Otherwise, the normal mode is better for IR photography including low light photography where you don't want or can't use the IR illuminators.

The 37mm filters for this camera are available Here.

Would you like us to convert your camera? We can convert your camera for $500 + return S&H ($20 insured UPS ground domestic USA).  Camera should be shipped well packed, insured, with lens cover and battery for testing.  Turnaround is typically 1 or 2 days depending on how busy we are.

Our Performance Guarantee  If you are not satisfied with your IR enabled camera, we will put it back to stock at no additional charge other than return shipping




bulletDrive Mode
Photo Mode: Single-shot / Self-timer
bulletShutter Speeds
Auto Control Range: 1 / 4 - 1 / 4000; Self-timer: 10sec. (Still Image); Standard: 1 / 60-1 / 500; Auto: 1 / 60 - 1 / 500; Scene Selection: 1 / 60 - 1 / 4000 1 / 4 - 1 / 500 (Candle mode / "MOVIE" position only); Auto (Auto Slow Shutter ON): 1 / 30 - 1 / 500; Auto (Auto Slow Shutter OFF): 1 / 60 - 1 / 500
bulletFocus System
Contrast AF
bulletAF Modes
Auto / Manual (Touch Panel)
bulletFocus Area
Full range Focus / Spot Focus
bulletAF Illuminator
bulletCamera Type
Digital STD Video Camera Recorder
bulletQuick On
Yes (Power On by LCD)
bulletManual / Auto Lens Cover
bulletS/S & Zoom button on LCD
Yes (Touch Panel)
bulletFader Effect(s)
White / Black
bulletDate / Time Stamp
Yes (Rec Date / Time, Camera info)
Yes / Yes
bulletMedia/Battery Indicator
Yes / Yes
bulletPower Save Mode
Auto Shut-off (5 minutes)
bulletStill Image Playback Options
Slide Show; Playback Zoom (1.1 x -5x) (TouchPanel + Zoom Lever)
bulletBuilt-in USB Cable
Yes (USB Charge Available)
bulletBuilt-in Video Light Coverage
Approx. 30cm-150cm
bulletMenu Customization
bulletMultiple Language Display
English; Simplified English; Brazilian Portuguese; Canadian French; Latin American Spanish
bulletOne Touch Disc Burn
Yes (Menu)
bulletView & Index
Data Index / Film Roll / Face
bulletMedia Type
Optional Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick PRO Duo, Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo, SD, SDHC
bulletStill Image Mode
bulletStill Image Max Effective Resolution
470K pixels
bulletVideo Format
bulletVideo Mode
HQ: 9Mbps / SP: 6Mbps / LP: 3Mbps
bulletVideo Resolution
720 x 480/60i
bulletVideo Actual (Pixel)
Approx. 410K pixels (16:9), Approx. 470K pixels (4:3)
bulletVideo Signal
NTSC color, EIA standards
bulletPhoto Capture from Movie
307K pixels 4:3 (640 x 480); 230K pixels 16:9 (640 x 360)
bulletAudio Format
Dolby Digital 2ch Stereo, Dolby Digital Stereo Creator
Built-in Zoom Microphone; Monaural Speaker
bulletMic Level Control
bulletStill Image File Format
DCF Ver. 2.0 compatible, Exif Ver. 2.21 compatible, MPF Baseline compatible
bulletStill Image Size(Photo Mode)
307K pixels 4:3 (640 x 480); 230K pixels 16:9 (640 x 360)
bulletWind Position
Yes (Auto)
bulletBattery Type
Lithium-ion type NP-FV30, Manganese Dioxide Lithium type ML621
bulletBattery Capacity
Typical: 3.6Wh (500mAh), Minimum: 3.6Wh (500mAh)
bulletPower Requirements
7.2V (battery pack); 8.4V (AC Adaptor)
bulletLCD Type
3.0" Touch-screen Clear Photo LCD Plus (230K pixels)
bulletAngle Adjustment
Opening Angle: max. 90 deg., Turning Angle: max. 270 deg.
bulletBrightness Control
Yes (LCD Backlight Level, LCD Bright)
bulletLive View
bulletGrid Display
Guide Frame
bulletTouch Panel
bulletSupplied Software
Picture Motion Browser Ver. 5.3
bulletOperating System Compatibility
Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7. PMB software is not Mac compatible
bulletMetering Modes
Multi-segment / Spot
bulletExposure Settings
Auto; Flexible Spot (Touch Panel)
bulletScene Mode(s)
Auto / Twilight / Candle / Sunrise & Sunset / Fireworks / Landscape / Portrait / Spotlight / Sports / Beach / Snow
bulletNoise Reduction
bulletWhite Balance Mode
Auto / Onepush / Outdoor / Indoor
bulletMinimum Illumination
Auto Slow Shutter: 3 lux (1/30 Shutter Speed)
bulletAuto Iris Control
bulletBacklight Compensation
Yes (Auto)
bulletGain Control
bulletFace Detection
bulletImage Stabilization
Electrical SteadyShot image stabilization w / Active mode (Wide to Tele)
bulletIntelligent Auto
Portrait / Tripod / Backlight / Landscape / Spotlight / Twilight / Macro
bulletImaging Sensor
1/8" (2.25mm ) Advanced HAD (Hole Accumulation Diode) CCD Imager
Sony Imaging processor
bulletPixel Gross
Approx. 680K pixels
bulletEffective Picture Resolution
Approx. 470K pixels (4:3)
bulletColor Filter System
YeCyMgG mosaic filters
bulletLens Type
Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
F1.8 - F6.0
bulletOptical Zoom
bulletDigital Zoom
bulletFocal Length (35mm equivalent)
Photo Mode: 39mm - 2340mm (16:9), 38mm - 2280mm (4:3); Movie Mode: 39mm - 2340mm (16:9), 38mm - 2280mm (4:3)
bulletFilter Diameter
bulletMinimum Focus Distance
Approx. 1cm (Wide), Approx. 150cm (Tele), Approx. 38cm (Tele Macro)
bulletExtended Zoom
bulletFocal Distance
f = 1.8mm - 108mm
bulletSteady Shot Mode
Active: 46mm - 2760mm (16:3)
bulletMemory Card Slot
Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD/SDHC/SDXC media compatible
bulletSD Output
Composite Video Out (A/V connecting cable (supplied)); S Video Out (A/V connecting cable with S Video)
bulletUSB Port(s)
TypeA, mini-AB/USB2.0 Hi-speed (mass-storage)
Yes (DVDirect Express, DVD Writer supported)
bulletRemote Jack
A/V Remote terminal
bulletDirect Copy
bulletA/V Remote Terminal
Video /S Video /Audio / Remote
bulletDC IN
2 1/8" x 2 1/4" x 4 7/8" / 52.5 x 57 x 123.5 mm
Main unit only: 8.1 oz / 230 g





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