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30/30 Thermometer

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30/30 Thermometer
Thermal TIR4 EZTherm 875 EZTherm 881 TVS-200 EX



Model: 30/30  Non-Contact Thermal Temperature Measurement

$30 for a 30 degree thermometer!






Measure temperatures from a distance!  Just aim, press the button and read the temperature on the backlit LCD screen.  Safely check the temperature of anything from 0 to 400 degF (-20 to 200 degC) in less than 1 second.  A built-in laser beam can be set to automatically turn on when you are measuring temperatures so that you can see exactly what the gun is measuring.  A narrow 30 degree beam size helps you be selective from a distance.



Temperature Range  0 to 400 DegF (-20 to 200 degC)
Accuracy /- 2 degC +3% from -1 to 200 degC
Response Time 0.5 second
Operating Temperature 32 to 120 degF (0 to 50 degC)
Power 9 Volt Battery
Distance to spot size 5:1 (approx 30 degrees)
Emissivity 0.95
Weight 137g
Laser Power <1 mw at 650nm
Display Backlit LCD Screen


bulletCompact and easy to use.  Just point and press the button!
bulletLarge LCD screen shows temperature in Fahrenheit or Celcius
bulletTemperature measured with 1/2 a second and remains on screen for 5 seconds 
bulletBuilt-In laser can be set to automatically turn on when measuring temperature
bulletBacklit LCD screen for dark or night-time use
bullet5:1 distance to spot measurement.  From 5 inches away, unit will measure a 1 inch spot.  From 10 inches, unit will measure a 2 inch spot, etc.
bulletFahrenheit / Celsius switch
bulletLaser On/Off switch
bulletBacklight switch



bulletMeasure around windows and doors to detect energy loss.  Save money by finding heat and cooling losses.
bulletCheck oven, stove or barbecue temperatures without touch.
bulletTest foods for temperature quickly and safely.
bulletDiagnose heating and air conditioning vents, heaters and more.
bulletMeasure temperatures remotely and safely without needing ladders, chairs, our crawling


The picture below is a thermal image taken by one of our thermal cameras.  You can see the heat leaks from the roof, windows and doors.  You can use the 30/30 to find the heat losses as well, spending only $30.00 instead of over $10,000.00!






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Last modified: June 18, 2015