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VGA 2-D HMD VGA 3-D HMD Video HMD MicroViewer


That's right! The i-glasses SVGA 3D is a portable, affordable, high resolution, computer monitor, all in a compact, 7 oz package that fits comfortably on your head, and it supports stereoscopic 3D computer imaging! Big stereo sound through built-in private speakers completes the experience. The all-new i-glasses SVGA is plug and play compatible with virtually all computer systems including PC's, laptops and even some popular PDAs. Images are sharp, clear, rich and vibrant. This one incredible product provides a single viewing solution for a whole new generation of computing and PDA devices. i-glasses SVGA. For working on the road or relaxation, it's a great experience you have got to try.

Perfect for computer based applications:

意otebook Accessory
慎irtual Reality Simulation
弒nspection Systems
感C Gaming
感ortable Work Stations
愛emote Video
感rivate Movie Watching
感ortable Monitors
惹ecure Notebook Use
愚edical Monitors
愁rade Show Attractions


bulletResolution: 800 x 600
bulletField of View: 26 Degrees Diagonal
bulletImage Size: 76" at 13'
bulletColor Depth: 24 Bit Input
bulletIPD Adjustments: None Required
bulletFocus: 13' TBR
bulletEye Relief: 25mm
bulletExit Pupil: 17mmH x 6mmV
bulletConvergence: 7'10", 100% Overlap, TBR
bulletVGA / SVGA / XVGA Input: Scaled to SVGA (800 x 600)
bulletRefresh Rate: Flicker Free 120hz
bulletAudio: Full Stereo
bulletWeight: < 7 Ounces
bulletAdjusts to Fit all Individuals
bulletControl Features: On / Off, Volume Control
bulletPower Supply: 100-240V AC Power Cube
bulletHMD Cable Configuration: Audio: 1/8"
bulletPower: Barrel Connector

Only $978.00

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