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High Vis


Longwave ultraviolet powders which are not soluble have much greater sunlight and temperature stability than soluble powders.  Typically, soluble powders are organic whereas the non-soluble powders are inorganic, crystalline structures.  The Blue Wool index for our non-soluble powders is typically 8 or higher.

The drawbacks with non-soluble powders are:

bulletCreating a liquid suspension is more difficult
bulletColors are not as bright as the organic, soluble powders
bulletLiquid suspensions of non-soluble powders will leave a trace of powder on the object.  However, on porous materials such as paper, the powder may be completely invisible.

We make custom suspensions of our various non-soluble powders which can be used like an ink.  Making an ink using an inorganic substance is much more difficult than making a simple ink using a soluble substance.




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Last modified: June 16, 2015