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Invisible Powders Shortwave Longwave


Longwave ultraviolet (UV) substances will fluoresce in the range of 365nm - 380nm.  Some longwave UV substances will fluoresce as well in short wavelengths as low as 250nm (e.g  UVXPBR) and and high as 400nm (e.g UVXPBB, UVPA, UVPW).

As a general rule of thumb, if the UV substance is soluble, then the substance will degrade under sunlight after a week or so.  This is because most UV soluble substances are made of organic chemicals that are destroyed by sunlight.  When these substances are not exposed to sunlight, they retain their fluorescent properties indefinitely.

UV substances that are UV stable are generally non-soluble.  Typically, they are made of very fine crystals that can withstand very high heats, intense light for years, but cannot be dissolved by solvents.  The non-soluble UV powders usually have a particle size of 10 microns or less.  We can create liquid suspensions or dispersions using these powders so that they can be used like a paint or ink.

Typical UV Properties

  Soluble Non-Soluble
Particle size can be completely dissolved < 10 microns
Sunlight stability (Blue Wool) degrades under sunlight stable under sunlight
Particle weight light heavy


We have UV substances that

bulletHave low visibility under regular light but fluoresce under UV lights.  These substances are good for invisible marking, security tagging, anti-theft tracing and any application where you don't want the substance visible normally.  We have both soluble and non-soluble low visibility normally / high visibility under UV substances.  Examples are:
bulletUVXPBR, UVXPBB, UVXPBY - soluble UV powder colors
bulletUVPW, UVPA, UVPN - soluble & non soluble blue / white
bulletUVLWG, UVLWR - sunlight stable UV powders
bulletHave high visibility under daylight and even more visibility under UV light.  These substances are good for visible marking, leak detection, batch contamination and anti-theft tracing.  We have both soluble and non-soluble high visibility normally / high visibility under UV substances.   Examples are:
bulletUVHG - daylight fluorescent soluble powder
bulletUVHiVisLY, UVHiVisOR, UVHiVisOY - daylight fluorescent non-soluble



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