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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Here are real user comments - Thank you for the support!

Nice program.  I like it.  Cheers, Mike  in the united kingdom

Your product was exactly what I needed for the job, Heist in Belgium

muchas gracias, espero pronto su aprobación de registro y pueda racibir/enviar from Mike in Veracruz, México

Great programme - can you do one to send faxes, too?  Robert in Rovaneimi, Finland

Sounds like just what I need - a basic fax receive program!  Douglas in Brighton, United Kingdom

cool stuff!!!!!!  Shaun in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I don't have any coments, yet. Thank you  Dubravka in Vojvodina, Yugoslavia


If this works, it's just what I'm looking for! And aptly named, too :)  Dave in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA

A good product but uncommercial name...any way we could change it to, say, to "MAX FAX". TQ for a WONDER-full product.  Wan in Kuah, Malaysia

Great fax program.  Ken in Grand Terrace, California, USA

Exactly what I needed!  David in Eglin AFB, Florida, USA

Keep up the good work !!!  Kare in Bergen, Norway

Very Nice.  Kokping, Selangor, Malaysia

Its great program. With a strange user interface (dialogs, select dir. etc).  Serge in Oklahoma, IL, USA

Program looks good, thanks.  Ben in Kihei, Hawaii, USA

Thank you for making software less like bloatware.  Star of the Sea Church, Surrey, Canada

GOOD!.  Piero, Roma, Italy

Great product - saved me buying winfax!  Bruce, Lane Cove, Australia

Nice work, congratulations !  Joan, Labutes, Portugal

Exactly what I was looking for! Jerry, Oakville, Washington, USA

Glad to see that some of the good things in life are still free Gary, Wentworth Falls, Australia

Simple, excellent and FREE Erick, Panama

We were looking for a simple fax software for incoming faxes, StupidFax is perfect.  Thank you MaxMax.  Matt in Mesa, AZ, USA

Great program, no more bloated fax'es. It rocks!  Adam in Gothenburg, Sweden

Great and simple program, exactly what I needed w/o all the heavy hardware of other programs.  Edward in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

I just wanted to tell you that you have a great product.  I just tried it today and it worked great!  All I wanted to do was receive a fax through my fax/modem -- not hard, right?  I downloaded these other programs and they wanted to do everything under the sun, and all I wanted was to get a fax.
Needless to say they didn't work!  thanks! S in Freemont, California

We have been evaluating faxware and this is just what we have been looking for. Now I need something similar for sending faxes. JFAX works fine, but now we need it for the Windows 2000 platform. Thanks for the great and sorely-needed "dumb" fax program. Pretty smart on your part.  Timothy in San Jose, Costa Rica

I think this is a very neat concept! David, St. Louis, Missouri 

Your card trick-mind game is great!  I am still laughing!  The Rat


Here are some users from around the world. 

bulletCan in Kocaeli,   TURKEY
bulletMatias in Buenos Aires, Argentina
bulletSven in Foster City, California, USA
bulletRay in Braddock Heights, Maryland, USA
bulletAlan in Bournemouth, United Kingdom
bulletFrank in Antwerp, Belgium
bulletLieven in Bekkevoort, Belgium
bulletEny in Jakarta, Indonesia
bulletMichael in Dortmund, Germany
bulletDavid in Ozone Park, New York
bulletVikas in Quebec, Canada
bulletMarco in Torin, Italy
bulletFaye in Edmonton, Canada
bulletLes in Rockhampton, Australia
bulletOlsson in Östersund, Sweden
bulletHolger in Gammertingen, Germany
bulletMario in Rho, Italy
bulletErich in Mödling, Austria
bulletShaun in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
bulletBruno in London, United Kingdom
bulletSergio in Forli', Italy
bulletJohn in Lisse, Holland
bulletRahim Ali in Karachi, Pakistan
bulletAlberto in Las Palmas de G.C., Spain
bulletLiz in Brisbane, Australia
bulletAndré in Rotterdam, Nederland
bulletJose in Faro, Portugal
bulletMoosajee in Johannesburg, South Africa
bulletDean in Sioux Lookout, Canada
bulletUwe in Grevenbroich, Germany
bulletSuper de Boer in Zwaluwe, Holland
bulletSeing Chee in Singapore
bulletIvan Bo in Copenhagen, Denmark
bulletAnastasios in Thessaloniki, Greece
bulletAlfredo in San Fernando, Chile
bulletThomas in Cergy, France
bulletIstvan in Dorog, Hungaryq
bulletLars-Gunnar in Uddevalla, Sweden
bulletMoshe in Haifa, Israel
bulletRafael in Celaya, Mexico
bulletLars Kristian in Litenby, Norge
bulletPhil in Crissier, Switzerland
bulletLittlestone in Haikou, China
bulletRomel in Davao, Philippines
bulletIstvan in Dorog, Hungary
bulletSiegfried in Graz, Austria
bulletIlan in Beit Oren, Israel
bulletTed in Harare, Zimbabwe
bulletLouise in Sorata, Bolivia
bulletLobo in Macau, China
bulletRicky in Hong Kong
bulletRon in Purmerend, Netherlands
bulletCees in Waalwijk, Nederland
bulletJaso in Hong Kong, China
bulletJohn in Gaborone, Botswana
bulletPer Olov in Stockholm, Sweden
bulletMiguel in Albacete, España
bulletTomas in Bratislava, Slovakia





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