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Stupid Fax V1.1.0.12 works with TAPI Fax modems to automatically print and save incoming fax calls.  Incoming faxes are automatically routed and printed to the windows default printer.  All incoming calls are logged with time, date and status information.  All printed files are logged with time, date and print status information.  Users can reprint historical faxes if needed.  StupidFax was created to help users who just need a simple, reliable program to receive faxes.  You'll find StupidFax really isn't so stupid when you need a program to just act as an incoming Fax Machine.  Keywords: Free fax software easy TAPI modem

New Features! Automatic file conversion, Execute a system command on fax receipt, Convert to BMP, PCX, TIFF, DCF format, Answer after # of rings, View a fax on-screen, all configuration parameters saved, AutoPrint may be turned off, Main Status Log automatically saved, Automatic receive on startup.

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Latest File Date: 23-MAR-2001   File Size: 684K

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Changes to StupidFax
bullet16-JUL-00:  Added Autoprint turnoff.  Log Status Save.  Auto-receive on Startup
bullet6-AUG-00:  Added answer after # of rings
bullet15-SEP-00:  Added automatic file format conversions, Stand-alone viewer, Execute System Command
bullet12-OCT-00:  Fixed default storage directory problem
bullet16-DEC-00:  Fixed a couple small things
bullet23-MAR-01: Made registration process easier


New StupidFax File Viewer!  Some users have requested a stand-alone StupidFax file viewer and format converter.  You now have the option on using StupidFaxView for viewing saved fax files.  You can even pass the name of the file to view as a parameter to StupidFaxView so that the file automatically loads into the viewer (Example:  c:\StupidFaxView.exe myfax001.apf).   StupidFax has all the functions of StupidFaxView. 

Download Stand-Alone Viewer Here




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