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Do you have free incoming calls with your cellular phone?  CallBack3 will let you make free calls from your cell if you have Caller ID and 3-Way calling on your home line!

CallBack3 is a communications utility that can call back a pre-assigned phone number when a particular incoming phone number occurs.  CallBack3 will callback the pre-assigned phone number, let you enter a 3rd phone number and CallBack3 will initiate 3-way Calling.  

Some Cellular Phone service plans allow for free incoming calls. Using this utility, you can make free cell phone calls.

Using the magic of Caller ID, Callback3 will callback your cell phone when it receives a call from your cell phone - without the phone ever being picked up!  It will only call your cell phone if it see the correct Caller ID.  After it calls your cell phone back, CallBack3 will let you place a 3-way call from your home phone using the number you dial from your cell.  Since you now have an incoming call to your cell phone, your cell phone is not charged.


  1. Caller ID on your home line
  2. 3-Way calling service on your home line
  3. Free incoming call service on your cellular
  4. Computer with a TAPI modem with Caller ID connected to your home line


bulletPre-assigned callback number in CallBack3 is your cell phone number.
bulletTrigger phone number to initiate callback in Callback3 is your cell phone number.
bulletDial your home number from your cell phone.
bulletCallBack3 recognizes incoming phone number and triggers callback start.
bulletHang up your cell phone after two rings.
bulletCallBack3 dials your cell phone.
bulletUsing your cell phone, dial the 3rd party number and press the * Key.
bulletCallBack3 flashes hook to initiate 3-way calling, dials the phone number you entered, and flashes hook again to connect all 3 parties.
bulletWhen call is done, press the cell # key to hang-up modem; press cell End key to hang up cell and modem.

You can also use CallBack3 to dial any number when any particular trigger phone number occurs.  CallBack3 has a continuous log file showing all received calls, numbers, names, modem status events and program events.

Download Here!

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