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IR Tests

This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

User Shots Filter Comparisons IR Tests


We are just starting to publish a comprehensive set of IR test pictures to help guide you to finding the correct filters and understanding the effects of using different filters with different cameras under different lighting and with multiple fabrics.  As you can imagine, the possible combinations are quite large, so this may take a while.

A common question is "What is the best filter?"  There isn't any one best filter.  The camera, lighting and desired effect all affect your filter choice.  There is one best filter for any particular camera, lighting condition and effect desired. 

A common misunderstanding is that the higher the cutoff for the filter, the better.  This is not true.  A 715nm filter will give you better results than a 1000nm - especially in low light situations.  However, if you are using a stock-factory camera or camcorder, you may need a higher cutoff filter when in Niteshot mode to avoid overexposure.

Please read of FAQ for a more detailed discussion.



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Last modified: June 16, 2015