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Filter Curves

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25.5mm Filters Filter Curves Order


X-Nite Filters are precision made, quality filters.  Listed are various specifications.

Infrared Filters (Infrared Pass / Visual Light Blocking)


Filter Type Cutoff 50% (nm) Limit Passband (nm), %
X-Nite630 630 nm 690nm, >-= 91%
X-Nite665 665 nm 730nm, >= 91%
X-Nite715 715 nm 780 nm, >= 99%
X-Nite780 780 nm 830 nm, >= 99%
X-Nite830 830 nm 900 nm, >= 99%
X-Nite850 850 nm 1100 nm, >= 99%
X-Nite1000 1000 nm 1300 nm, >= 90%
X-NiteXDP Wideband Dual Profile


  5% Low Cut 50% Low Cut 50% High Cut 5% High Cut
XNiteBPB 650nm 662nm 753nm 787nm
XNiteBPG 735nm 795nm 860nm 935nm
XNiteBPR 888nm 921nm 958nm 1000nm


bulletGlass Type : Precision Ground
bulletMaterial Thickness: 3mm
bulletSurface Quality: 80-50
bulletVisual Color: 630nm & 665nm Red, Others are Black
bulletRange: High Red to Infrared
bulletConstruction: Two-piece metal rings and glass

Infrared Blocking / Visual Light Pass Filter


Filter Type Center Wavelength 50% Transmission
X-NiteCC1 483nm 325nm, 645nm
X-NiteCC2 500nm 315nm, 730nm


Ultraviolet Pass / Visual Light Blocking Filter


Filter Type Center Wavelength 50% Transmission
X-Nite330 330nm 270nm, 375nm, 50%





330nm Filter                                            Bandpass BP1 Filter



Infrared Color Band Pass Series


CCD and CMOS image sensors only see black and white.  In order for the camera to see color, small color filters are printed on top of the image sensors.  These filters are typically arranged in a Bayer pattern.

Below is the typical response curve for CCD and CMOS image sensors.  The top dark blue channel shows the quantum efficiency of an unfiltered image sensor.  The Red, Green and Blue traces show the transmission response after the light passes through the mosaic color filter over the image sensors.


When we convert a camera to see IR+Visible or IR-Only, the majority of the infrared data will come in on the red channel.  Interestingly, the blue and green channels will see some infrared but will be much lower than the red channel.

Other Glass Equivalents:

Kaya PF4 is 780nm
Kaya PF2 is 830nm
Kaya PF1 & PF3a is 1000nm

Hoya RM72 is 720nm
Hoya RM90 is 900nm
Hoya RM100 is 1000nm

M&K #078  is 780nm
M&K #093 is 830nm
M&K #095  is 850nm
M&K 1000 is 1000nm

Wratten 18A is 350nm
Wratten 29 is 620nm
Wratten 70 is 675nm
Wratten 89B is 720nm
Wratten 88 is 735nm
Wratten 88A is 750nm
Wratten 87 is 795nm
Wratten 87C is 850nm
Wratten 87B is 930nm
Wratten 87A is 1000nm

Heliopan filters use Schott glass indicated by the RG number.  For example, RG830 = 830nm and RG1000=1000nm.



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