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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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UV Cameras


We have a variety of types of digital still cameras and camcorders.  

Still Cameras

bulletPoint and Shoot
bulletSingle Lens Reflex (SLR)
bulletUltraviolet + Infrared + Visible Light Sensitivity
bulletDedicated Infrared Only in 715nm or 830nm
bulletUV-Only sensitivity
bulletMonochrome conversions
bulletAstronomy H-Alpha conversions


bulletHi-8, D-8, MiniDV, HD, DVD
bulletStandard Definition and High Definition

Video Cameras

bulletBullet Cameras
bulletBoard Cameras
bulletIndoor and Outdoor Cameras
bulletSLR Viewfinder Cameras

Light Bands on cameras

bulletExtended Ultraviolet Response: 330nm to 400nm.
bulletVisual Wavelengths 400nm to 700nm.
bulletNear Infrared. 700nm to 1200nm.
bulletThermal Infrared 8,500nm to 12,000nm (8.5 to 12 microns).  (Room temperature thermal cameras must be special thermal cameras.  High heat > 500 degF can be seen with modified standard cameras). 

Types Of Conversions

bulletIR-Only.  Dedicated Infrared Cameras.  715nm and 830nm Options
bulletHigh Red.  665nm and 590nm options.  High red cameras pass some visible light and infrared light.
bulletUV+Visible+IR:  Modified cameras that can see from UV through visible and infrared.
bulletUV-Only.  Modified to only see in the ultraviolet.  Monochrome and Color.
bulletHR:  High Resolution / Hot Rod.  Anti-Aliasing (Blur) filter removal and replacement to extend cameras resolution and color space.
bulletNDVI Vegetation Stress Camera.  Specialty camera designed to see vegetation stress, camouflaged objects, detect mineral and deposits and water analysis.
bulletScratched Sensor Glass Replacements:  Accidentally scratched your camera sensor?  We can replace it with a factory stock piece of glass or upgrade to our HR conversion.

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