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Optical Products

This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

Optical Products
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We sell an expanding line of optical products including:

bulletCamera Conversions.  For a convenient form for sending in your camera, please click here.
bulletOptical Filters 
bulletHigh-Red (High Red to IR): 630nm, 665nm
bullet Infrared (Visible Light Cut / IR Pass): 715nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm, 1000nm and XDP Dual Profile
bulletInfrared Cut / Visible Pass: Block infrared light and pass visible light
bulletUltraviolet (UV Pass / Visible Light Cut): 330nm
bulletVideo Cameras - Mini-Spy lipstick cameras with integrated IR filters
bulletDigital Cameras - Electronic View Finder (EVF) and Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras in UV+Visible+IR, IR-only 715nm or 830nm, High Res, NDVI and UV-Only
bulletCamcorders - Re-Enabled Sony Camcorders with Fully Restored Niteshot.  Infrared sensitive without exposure limitations.  Hi-8, D-8, MiniDV and HighDef.
bulletMicroscopes - Electronic UV+Visible+IR microscope with 10x, 60x and 200x zoom. 
bulletThermal Cameras and Viewers - 8-14 micron thermography, viewing, storage, analysis
bulletFlashlights and Light Sources - UV to Visible to IR.  1mW to 10,000,000 Candle Power.  UV Light Curing. LED, halogen, Xenon and HID..
bulletInfrared Lightsticks - Milspec quality for use with Night Vision Devices (NVD) or IR enabled cameras
bulletInvisible Inks - High Brightness Ultraviolet (UV) Inks, Infrared Inks, Ink Pads and Pens.  Shortwave and Longwave.
bulletHead Mounted Computer/Video Display - 1.4 Million Pixels!

Most the these products are products we manufacture.  You are buying directly from the source and at very low prices.

Before you place your order, make sure you understand the return policy for the products you are buying.  All optical and hardware sales are final with guaranteed replacement on initial defects.  

bulletLDP LLC
bullet220 Broad Street
bulletCarlstadt,  NJ  07072
bullet(001)-201-882-0344 Voice
bullet(001)-201-882-0326 Fax




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