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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Many of our customers use items in our optical department for security applications.  Broadly, uses tend to be:

bulletMarking an item invisibly or visible to prevent duplication, forgery, theft or for identification.
bulletNight vision applications including special cameras, camcorders, viewers and lights.

Marking Items

A good way to think about marking something securely is to follow the example used by the US Treasury to mark currency.  To prevent counterfeiters, US currency has multiple security layers.  Each security layer provides additional security.  Of course, these layers are like locks on a house.  No lock is an absolute guarantee, but the better the lock and the more types of locks, the more difficult to get past a closed door.

US currency includes some of the following features:

Special paper.  The paper used has special content including special threads.  The particular paper is manufactured by one company that does not sell the paper to anyone else  We have a type of security paper with some similar features.

UV Longwave (365nm to 400nm) invisible marking. Holding US currency under an ultraviolet longwave light (black light) will reveal a fluorescent strip.  We have a variety of invisible inks, ink pens, powders, stamp pads and lights.

Micro printing. Currency includes micro printing that is very difficult to duplicate.  Our security paper has micro printing.

Special Color.  Because color copiers have become so good, very high quality color copiers are specially programmed not to duplicate the particular color of US currency.  These sorts of copiers also print a special tiny code on each sheet that enables tracing back to the particular serial number of the printer.

Special Ink.  US Currency uses a color shifting ink

Infrared Ink Marking.  US currency includes a special mark in the infrared range that is not visible to the human eye.  We have special infrared to infrared (down-conversion) and infrared to visible (up-conversion) inks, powders and viewers.

Magnetic Ink.  US currency includes special ink that has magnetic properties.  We have special magnetic ink pens, ink and magnetic ink testers.

In addition, we have other products that can be used to increase security such as:

UV Shortwave Powder This particular powder can be applied in invisible amounts and will glow red under a shortwave (254nm) filtered light such as our FlashUV7.  The shortwave powder will not react to a longwave (365-400nm) light (normal black light).

UV Longwave Special Red Ink This particular ink is four times brighter than our invisible blue, can mark most plastics, is completely invisible and has a particular color that is very difficult to duplicate.

Phosphorescent Powder  Our MaxLume powder is a highly phosphorescent substance from the Strontium Oxide Aluminate family.  MaxLume has an afterglow extinction time of 2,000 minutes which compares to normal glow in the dark substances which have a 200 minute extinction time.


Night Vision Applications

We have a variety of lights, cameras, camcorders and viewers to help you see in complete darkness.

Lights:  From tiny infrared lights smaller than a cigarette to a 2 million candle power lightBattery operated lights to chemical light stick lights.

Cameras and Camcorders: We modify digital still cameras and camcorders for infrared functionality with complete shutter and aperture control to about 1200nm.  

Miniature Handheld Video Viewer.  Our MicroViewer used internal batteries, is small enough to fit in your hand, low cost and displays a high resolution black and white video image.  You can connect directly to the video output of a digital camera, bullet camera, camcorder or any source with a NTSC video output.

Infrared Filters.  Depending on your application, you may want to filter out any visible light so that your infrared viewer only sees infrared light.  We have a wide selection of infrared filters.





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