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Precision LED

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Precision Order


Precision calibrated and measured LED Penlights

These flashlights are single precision LED lights where the LED's have been measured with a spectrometer and light integration sphere.  While manufacturer's specifications are useful, we have found that often the actual LED peak frequency is not exactly the same as specified on the manufacturer's datasheet.  Further complicating the matter is that some LED's output power is stated in millicandelas (mcd) while others use millwatts per radian.

Millicandela measurements are based on candela, candlepower, lux or lumen units.  1000 millcandela = 1 candela.  The problem with millicandela type measurements is that the concept is based on how well the human eye sees a particular color (wavelength) and the output power of the light.  Since the human eye sees green the best, a light with pure green will be easier to see than a red or blue light.  All other things being equal, the green light will have a higher millicandela rating. 

This is why ultraviolet and infrared lights are not measured in millicandelas - their millicandela value would be zero if we can't see the light.  For this reason, we decided to use a uniform system of using the light sources total microwatts (uWatt) of output power using a calibrated light integration sphere and spectrometer.  A light integration sphere part of a light measuring apparatus.  The sphere looks like a hollow ball with a special white coating inside that reflects all light frequencies evenly.  The sphere has two openings.  One for a fiber optic cable that is also connected to a spectrometer and the other opening is where you shine the light source.  Prior to measuring anything, the sphere, fiber optic cable and spectrometer must be calibrated with a special calibrated light source.

The measurement provides a consistent total output power measurement as well as a graph showing you the spectral distribution of power.  Keep in mind that there is variation between LED's so if you need an exact measurement, you should get a custom spectral measurement made on the particular lights you purchase.  Also, keep in mind that the total energy is a function of microwatts and frequency.  A 400nm 10 millwatt light has more energy than a 700nm 10 milliwatt light because the shorter 400nm light waves have more energy.  The shorter the wavelength, the high the energy.

We present the lights in three sections: Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared.   While the human eye can see some UV and in the infrared past 900nm, we can't see well in these ranges.  Most people can see a bright 850nm infrared LED as a dull red glow.  We have performed experiments showing that the 850nm red glow is not a slight emission in the visible red, but is the human eye actually responding to the infrared light source.


Ultraviolet Lights   

Model Peak Frequency Microwatts Total Optical Power (uWatts) Beam Angle (Degrees) Visible Appearance
Flash368-10 368nm 4,861 uW 10 Dull white
Flash368-110 368nm 5,135 uW 110 Dull white
Flash378-20 378nm 44,619 uW 20 Violet white
Flash380-10 380nm 5,618 uW 10 Violet white
Flash382-110 382nm 3,400 uW 110 Violet white


Visible Lights

Model Peak Frequency Microwatts Total Optical Power (uWatts) Beam Angle (Degrees) Visible Appearance
Flash424-40 424nm 741 uW 40 Soft Blue
Flash459-597-20 459-597nm 4,600 uW 20 Pink
Flash460-600-20 460-600 725 uW 20 Purple
Flash462-30 462nm 5,427 uW 30 Blue
Flash464-20 464nm 31,484 uW 20 Blue
Flash467-15 467nm 47,320 uW 15 Blue
Flash467-522-20 476-552nm 4,370 uW 20 Turquoise
Flash480-525-20 480-525nm 11,800 uW 20 Cyan
Flash516-30 516nm 2,078 uW 30 Green
Flash518-30 516nm 48,780 uW 30 Green
Flash520-35 520nm 15,457 uW 35 Green
Flash522-20 522nm 5,140 uW 20 Green
Flash523-34 523nm 7,339 uW 34 Green
Flash584-20 584nm 950 uW 20 Green
Flash586-20 586nm 57 uW 20 Amber
Flash595-6 595nm 2,340 uW 6 Yellow
Flash600-15 591nm 850 uW 15 Amber
Flash602-20 602nm 3,370 uW 20 Orange
Flash607-10 607nm 590 uW 10 Orange
Flash612-40 612nm 400 uW 40 Orange
Flash640-8 640nm 5,000 uW 8 Red
Flash644-20 644nm 37,691 uW 20 Red
Flash648-20 648nm 24,912 uW 20 Red
FlashLEDWhite-20 Various 43, 562 uW 20 White

Infrared Lights

Model Peak Frequency Microwatts Total Optical Power (uWatts) Beam Angle (Degrees) Visiible Appearance
Flash865-26 865nm 10,000 uW 26 Dull Red
Flash866-6 866nm 60,132 uW 6 Dull Red
Flash880-17 880nm 19.185 uW 17 Dull Red
Flash881-40 881nm 28,977 uW 40 Dull Red
Flash900-20 900nm 20,145 uW 20 Invisible
Flash904-18 904nm 14,907 uW 18 Invisible
Flash943-40 943nm 18,880 uW 40 Invisible
Flash945-8 945nm 320 uW 8 Invisible
Flash947-40 947nm 25,806 uW 40 Invisible

Spectral Power Distribution Charts. 

Click on graph for a larger picture.


Flash368-10                                                                     Flash368-110                                                               Flash378-20



Flash380-10                                                                    Flash382-110                                                                Flash424-40    


Flash459-597-20                                                            Flash460-600-20                                                            Flash462-30


Flash464-20                                                                     Flash467-15                                                                   Flash467-522-20



Flash480-525-20                                                              Flash516-30                                                                        Flash518-30



Flash520-35                                                                    Flash522-20                                                                   Flash584-20

Flash586-20                                                                     Flash602-20                                                                    Flash648-20



FlashLEDWhite-20                                                         Flash865-26                                                                    Flash866-6



Flash880-17                                                                     Flash881-40                                                                     Flash900-20   



Flash904-18                                                                    Flash943-40                                                                     Flash945-8






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