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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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bulletAlarm Systems - see Security
bulletAMP Smart Home - see Systems for Implementing Home Automation
bulletAMX - see Systems for Implementing Home Automation
bulletHouse with an IQ
bulletBasic Stamp
bulletParallax Inc. - Makers if the Basic Stamp
bulletProjects - DTMF to RS232 & LCD, A/D using 555 timer, more
bulletBooks - see Publications
bulletCaller ID - see Telephones
bulletCameras - see Video Cameras
bulletCEBus Home Page
bulletSmart Corporation - SmartOne, CEBus compatible, Lighting, Audio/Video, HVAC, Security, More
bulletElectrical Engineering Circuits Archive - IR, Caller ID, Phone, many more
bulletClosed Captioning
bulletCastle Controls - X-10 based home automation solutions, custom configuration/programming
bulletVaughan Smart House Systems - Home Automation, Whole-house audio/video, Structured Wiring
bulletCP290 - see X-10
bulletDecora - see Leviton
bulletIntrinSync Technology - Lighting, networking, HVAC, security, wiring, home theater, more...
bulletJesco Electric Co - design/build/consult/supply home automation products in Tennessee
bulletPasco - located in Tempe, Arizona
bulletDisabled (HA products for people with disabilities)
bulletGUS Communications - Text to Speech products
bulletNanopac - Voice recog, Text-to-Speech, screen mag, X-10, IR, Phone
bulletOrigin Instruments Corporation - 3D Tracking, Head controlled pointing systems, on-screen keyboard, more
bulletMultimedia Max - Voice control of everything: X-10, IR, Phone, Fax, TV, Internet, more
bulletDTMF - see Telephones
bulletEchelon - see Lonworks
bulletElectronics Related Sites
bulletTomi Engdahl's Electronics Info Page - IR, video, audio, phone, circuits, more
bulletFTP sites - see WWW and FTP Sites
bulletHandicapped - see Disabled
bulletHow do I... - Various topics by HomeTech Solutions
bulletHumidity Sensors - see Temperature & Humidity Sensors
bulletInstallation - see Wiring and Publications
bulletInstallers - see Suppliers/Installers
bulletWorthington Distribution's on-line catalog
bulletQSI Corporation - Keypads with LCD display
bulletLED Reviews and Information
bulletBrocks LED's Reviews - Brock's reviews of lots of LED's, LED Flashlights and more
bulletLED Saurus - Lots of LED information and tests.
bulletLCD (not VGA compatible) - See Computers for LCD VGA monitors
bulletComposite video input
bulletSerial Interfaces
bulletScott Edwards Electronics - LCD's with serial interfaces
bulletLinux Home Automation - Neil Cherry's excellent resource for programs, source code, links and more
bulletEchelon Home Page
bulletIntelliCom Innovation - Introduction and much more
bulletADB I/O - Add I/O to the Mac
bulletMouseHouse - Home Automation software for the MAC
bulletXTension - Home Automation software for the MAC by Sand Hill Engineering
bulletYoYo - Telephone Manager supports caller ID, dialing, logging, paging, blocking (PC and MAC)
bulletMailing lists
bulletACE - Send an e-mail to this address
bulletCyberHouse - Subscribe to list cyberhouse
bulletHAI (Omni, Omni Pro, Aegis) - Send an e-mail to this address with "subscribe" in the subject
bulletHAI Archive - last 100 messages
bulletHCS - No longer in service, see Newsgroups
bulletHomeVision - Send the words 'subscribe homevision-users' in the body of a message
bulletJDS TimeCommander, Stargate, etc - Send the word 'subscribe' in the body of a message
bulletAlso see Message Boards
bulletMagazines - see Publications
bulletMessage Boards
bulletMicrocontrollers and Accessories
bulletNew Micros
bulletCapital Communications - good prices on PZM10 and PZM11 microphones 
bulletChip Directory - sorted listing of IC's, pinouts, more...
bulletMotion Detectors
bulletAlso see Proximity Sensors
bulletFAQ - see sites below
bulletLinux Ethernet HOW-TO
bulletEDAS - Etherent Data Acquisition Systems
bulletSerial/Ethernet Converter
bulletHCS-II - via news reader interface
bulletNewsletters - see Publications
bulletHome Automation related organizations and associations
bulletContinental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)  
bulletCEDIA - Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association
bulletPC - see Computers
bulletPhones - see Telephones
bulletThe Water Breaker - Auto water shutoff if water runs too long
bulletPower Usage and Detection
bulletCurrent Monitoring
bulletCR Magnetics - Many devices for measuring and detecting current 
bulletProximity Detectors
bulletElectronic Field Proximity Sensor - Detect moving or stationary objects
bulletRemote Monitoring
bulletFreeze Alarm, Voice Dialer TM, Voice Dialer MCS
bulletPhoneHub by VitalPoint - Call in and monitor up to 32 cameras
bulletAlarm Systems Popular with Home Automation Enthusiasts
bulletApex - by Ademco
bulletDSC Power 832
bulletOmni, Omni Pro, Aegis by Home Automation, Inc. - Security, 2-way X-10, Phone, Thermostats, 2-way RS-232 interface, more...
bulletNapco Gemini - 2-way RS-232 interface
bulletElectronic Security Resource Page
bulletInteractive Technologies, Inc (ITI) - wireless/wired, X-10, phone, voice
bulletMakers of the Commander 2000, Caretaker Plus and VuFone
bulletA1 Security - Power 832, wireless systems, do it yourself, panels, sensors, glass break, water sensors, more...
bulletORCA Monitoring Services - Do it yourself, wireless systems
bulletSpeech Recognition - see Voice Recognition
bulletSpeech Synthesis - see Text to Speech
bulletSprinkler Systems
bulletX-10 Irrigation Controller 4/8 zone, safety features
bulletTemperature & Humidity Sensors
bulletHot Little Therm - Put up to 256 temp sensors on 1 serial port
bulletPeter H. Anderson's Home page - Several temperature sensing related kits/projects
bulletAutomated Environmental Systems - TEMPPLATE series, Decora style analog temp sensors
bulletText to speech
bulletGUS Communications
bulletRC Systems - DoubleTalk, V860X, on-line demo
bulletWinspeech 3.0
bulletPC compatible (VGA, SVGA, etc.)
bulletCarroll Touch
bulletCarroll Touch CT-70 (discontinued)
bulletDrivers - see the Carroll Touch web site
bulletElo TouchSystems
bulletLaptop Computer Displays - Flat panel displays for laptops and desktops
bulletEarth Computer Technologies - LCD monitors, Touchscreen kits
bulletPixel Touch - LCD and tube touchscreen monitors
bulletTouchscreens.com - LCD and tube touchscreen monitors and kits
bulletOthers (X-10, serial, etc.)
bulletTouchLinc - Touchscreen controller by SmartLinc
bulletHome Automation Software - ACE
bulletTour through an automated home
bulletAutomation University
bulletThe Training Dep't - CEBus, HomePnP, Home Automation Technology, more...
bulletVideo Cameras
bulletSuper Circuits - World's Smallest Video Cameras, Transmitters and Recorders
bulletVideo Distribution - see Audio/Video
bulletVideo Monitoring - see Remote Monitoring
bulletVideos - see Publications/Videos
bulletVoice Mail
bulletVoice Guide - Voice mail, Caller ID, Fax Back and Paging
bulletWeather Instruments
bulletDavis Instruments - PC compatible indoor/outdoor temp/weather monitoring
bulletSphere Innovative Technologies - Ultimeter 2000 and 500
bulletPeetBros. Company, Inc. - Ultimeter 2000 and 500
bulletSBWeather - WX-200 and WM-918 support, client/server - view weather info on any networked pc
bullet - Support for most weather stations
bulletElectrical Wiring FAQ
bulletLow Voltage Home Pre-wire Guide
bulletWiring Distribution Systems
bulletIES - FIN (FutureProof Interactive Network)
bulletMOD-TAP RCS - Residential Cabling System
bulletPacific Custom Cable - Computer cables, networking supplies and X10 Home Automation products
bulletUStec - tecLAN, tecServer


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