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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Infrared Filter and Camera Suppliers and Information

LDP LLC Infrared (IR) Filters, Camcorders, Cameras, Lights, FAQ, Examples


http://www.bhphotovideo.com/       Bunches of equipment


http://www.2filter.com/   Good prices on stepping rings.  Filter cost is high.  Sometimes out of stock


http://www.kaya-optics.com/    Very expensive filters.  Good information.


http://www.heliopan.de/  Very nice filters.  German  Filters, Information, Examples, FAQ and more.

IR Extenders
bulletHOT LINK - by Microsmith, Inc.

bulletInfo and Projects
bulletMaxCtrl IR Control
bulletIR Related Schematics
bulletPC IR Remote Control Project - Hardware & Software
bulletTech info on MANY remotes
bulletOne-for-All serial interface - see ASRE under WWW and FTP Sites
bulletZapper - IR send/receive project - see ASRE under WWW and FTP Sites
bulletHand-held remotes
bulletHome Theater Master SL-9000 - pre-programmed & learning, macros, LCD, 8 devices
bulletIRIQ - by Madrigal, learning, touchscreen, macros, RS-232, COOL!
bulletMarantz RC2000 learning, macros, LCD
bulletProntoEdit - PC config software, serial cable pinout, discussion formums, bitmaps and ccf files
bulletUniversal Electronics - Makers of the One-for-All universal remotes
bulletPC Compatible
bulletMaxCtrl - IR connects to parallel port.  Sends, Receives, Learns and displays IR codes
bulletIrman - Connects to serial port, receives IR, use IR to control programs, supports WinAMP and other programs
bulletPC to IR Linc - by SmartLinc, learning, send IR in response to serial command
bulletSlink-e - Send/Receive IR, Control Sony S-Link and/or any IR device, ActiveX and C++ support, connects to serial port
bulletX-10 Compatible
bulletMaxCtrl  IR Codes can be triggered by X-10, IR, or any other defined event
bulletX-10 to IR Linc - by SmartLinc, learning, send IR in response to X-10 command
bulletWall Mounted Keypads
bulletNiles - IntelliPad
bulletXantech - SmartPad
bulletWhole-house IR Distribution
bulletLeap Frog



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