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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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Systems for implementing Home Automation


bulletMaxCtrl X10, IR, TAPI, TCP/IP, FTP, DDE, etc System
bulletPopular Do-it-yourself systems
bulletActiveHome CM11A, CK11A
bulletCintex2 - Voice recog, X-10, IR, Phone
bulletComfort - by Cytech Technology, voice mail, X-10, security, IR, relays, intercom
bulletDigital Home Network Interface - USB, X-10, IR, CEBus, RS-232
bulletECS - see Omipotence Event Control System
bulletHAL2000 - by Home Automated Living - Voice Recognition, X-10, more...
bulletHCS-II - now sold and supported by Creative Control Concepts
bulletHomAtion 2000
bulletHome Manager - by Unity Systems, X-10, HVAC, more...
bulletHomeVision - X-10, IR, Digital I/O, Video, Stand alone and/or PC controlled
bulletHouseLinc - by SmartLinc, X-10, IR Send, stand-alone
bulletMastervoice Butler-in-a-Box - Voice Recognition, X-10, DTMF, IR, Relay, Voice Response, more
bulletMultimedia Max - Voice control of everything: X-10, IR, Phone, Fax, TV, Internet, more
bulletOmni by Home Automation, Inc. - Security, X-10, Phone, Thermostats, more...
bulletOmniPro by Home Automation, Inc. - Security, X-10, Phone, Thermostats, Voice, more...
bulletPHAST Landmark
bulletPlato HouseLinc - X-10 and IR controller by SmartLinc
bulletRHOC - Cool wireless remote!, CEBus, X-10, IR, RS232, IO, more...
bulletSmartOne - by Smart Corporation, CEBus compatible, Lighting, Audio/Video, HVAC, Security, More
bulletTABS - Totally Automated Building System
bulletTouchLinc - Touchscreen controller by SmartLinc
bulletUniversal Controller - by Unity Systems, X-10, CEBus, security, HVAC, etc.
bulletVantage - Hardwired lighting, IR, HVAC, RS-232, Touchscreen, more
bulletVaux Electronics
bulletAris Mediamation - Multi-source / Multi-room A/V Switcher, X-10, IR, Controlled by X-10, IR, RF or RS-232 signals
bulletAltrix - X-10 & IR Controller, Controlled by X-10, IR, RF or RS-232 signals
bulletMarc+ - X-10 (xmit only) & IR Controller, Controlled by handheld RF remote
bulletWHAM - Windows Home Automation System



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