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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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bulletHome Automation Products
bulletACS - CEBus interfaces, other automation products
bulletAdvanced Services Inc. - Home Automation Product Guide, X-10
bulletApplied Digital, Inc. - ADICON, Blue Boards, ISA I/O card, CEBus, more
bulletAutomated Home Technologies - lighting, security, HVAC, phone, audio/video, network, more
bulletAutomation Plus
bulletBaran Harper - on-line catalog
bulletBass Home Electronics - Security, Home Automation, Phone, Audio/Video, More...
bulletComfort Home Controls - Distributors and design consultants for the Comfort Intelligent Home & Office Security and Control System
bulletCreative Control Concepts - PIC based HA devices, HCS-II Home Automation System
bulletDIGIHOUSE - Home Automation in Australia
bulletEECI - Serial compatible IO, DTMF, relays, etc.
bulletE-LAB Digital Engineering, Inc. - Serial/Parallel interface IC, Serial LCD Interface IC, more...
bulletEnertel Controls Inc. - Remote HVAC control via telephone
bulletHome Automation Control Systems (HACS) - Custom design and manufacture of HA products,
bulletHigh Tech Horizon (HTH) - PLM-24 Power Line Modem, SNAP network protocol, more
bulletHolland Home Automation - 220 volt products for the Netherlands
bulletHome Automation, Inc. makers of the Omni, Omni Pro and Aegis, thermostats
bulletHome Automation Systems - on-line catalog, X-10 info
bulletHome Controls Incorporated - on-line catalog
bulletHome Systems Plus - Aegis distributor, more...
bulletHomeTech Solutions
bulletiAutomate.com - on-line catalog and ordering, X-10, IR, software, pc hardware, HVAC, controllers, mics/mixers, more
bulletIntelliHome - European distributor of HA products
bulletIntrinSync Technology - Lighting, networking, HVAC, security, wiring, home theater, more...
bulletIriave Electronics - Italy based, 110/220 volt, 50/60 Hz, X-10 products and systems
bulletKD Systems Inc. - Installers of security and automation systems
bulletMarrick Limited - Maker of the LynX-10 and LynX-Port interfaces
bulletMcNaur WebWorks - AMX, Home Theater, more
bulletMicrosmith Inc. - Distributed control products, LonWorks
bulletNirvis Systems - Hardware and software products for home and music automation, CDJ, Slink-e
bulletRCI Automation
bulletSmartHome Inc - X-10, Security, Audio/Video, Wiring, HVAC, Controllers, more
bulletSmart Home Systems USA - X-10, Security, Audio/Video, Phone, more
bulletSmartLinc - makers of TouchLinc, HouseLinc, PC to IR Linc, X-10 to IR Linc
bulletSylva Control Systems - Stand alone controllers, I/O expansion cards, X-10, I/O, DTMF
bulletWeeder Technologies - RS232 devices that share 1 port! - X-10, Digital I/O, DTMF and Caller ID
bulletWirz Electronics - Serial LCD interface, microcontroller products, more
bulletWorthington Distribution - on-line catalog
bulletSee the FAQ for many more


bulletElectronic Components
bulletAll Electronics Corp. - Electronic Surplus
bulletB&B electronics
bulletBerger's Equipment - Many electronic kits, many links to other resources
bulletElectronix Express - Electronic components, links to other good EE resources
bulletJameco Electronics  
bulletMarlin P. Jones and Assoc. Inc. - Industrial, commercial and educational electronics
bulletMendelson Electronics - Electronic Surplus



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