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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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bulletViking Electronics - Lots of telephone related products
bulletCatalog of Unique Telecom & Cable Installation Products - by Mike Sandman
bulletPhone Line Interfaces
bulletVIVE Synergies Inc - Interfaces controllable by a PC
bulletCircuitWerkes - Telephone audio couplers, DTMF, etc.
bulletCaller ID
bulletCID Format - GIF showing the format and timing of CID data
bulletSee Software below for caller ID programs

bullet68hc11 based project
bulletRochelle - Caller ID hardware & software, caller id simulators and testers
bulletRochelle Caller ID Plug - caller id, on-hook, off-hook, message waiting
bulletTV Messenger - Display Caller ID info on your TV
bulletWeeder Technologies - RS232 devices that share 1 port! - X-10, Digital I/O, DTMF and Caller ID
bulletYoYo - Telephone Manager supports caller ID, dialing, logging, paging, blocking (PC and MAC)
bulletCIDView - TAPI compliant, Windows 95 program by Katalina
bulletMountain Systems - Telephony software, Call Audit, more
bulletRochelle - Caller ID hardware & software, caller id simulators and testers
bulletTalking Caller ID - very nice!
bulletSunny Beach Technology - reliable, scalable, voice telephony software for Windows 95/98/2000/NT4/ME and voice modems or telephony cards. 

bulletAlso see Weeder Technologies for DTMF to RS-232 and LCD kits
bulletPBX/KSU (and other small phone systems)
bulletBBS Telecom Switches - models 308 and 416
bulletPanasonic phone systems from Able Communications
bulletRCI Automation - 2.4 GHz Wireless PBX
bulletRCI Automation - Long range cordless phone system - 5.5 miles!, 2-way radio feature, more...
bulletPhone Interface Schematics - Audio interfacing, Hold feature, Off-hook / In-use indicator, Ring detection
bulletRing detector circuit
bulletTelephony (TAPI)
bulletExceleTel - TeleTools, OCX and VCL controls for TAPI modems



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