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This is a historical page from the old MaxMax.com website. Please use the current site at www.MaxMax.com.

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bulletDisplays - see Touchscreens
bulletInterfacing Devices
bulletGadgetMaster - by PC Gadgets - Parallel port interface provides inputs and outputs
bulletRemote Measurement Systems - Use your PC to measure, monitor and control events and processes in the real world 
bulletPPEX Parallel port interface - 32 in, 32 out
bulletInterfacing Info
bulletBoondog Automation - All kinds of PC Interfacing info and projects
bulletConnector Pinouts
bulletThe Hardware Book - Connector pinouts, adapter cables, cable descriptions
bulletParallel Port Central - by Jan Axelson
bulletInterfacing to the IBM Parallel Printer Port - Yet another good resource
bulletPort Info - Parallel, Serial, Game, Keyboard, ISA/PCI/EISA, HPIB/GPIB/HPIL
bulletMore Port Info...
bulletPeter H. Anderson's Home page - All kinds of PC interfacing and programming info
bulletDevice Control via the PC - Application Note


bulletMore Port Interfacing Info - see FAQ's
bulletMore Port Interfacing Info - see Books
bulletX-10 Interfaces - see X-10
bulletIR Interface Devices (keyboards, mice, etc.)
bulletKwiKey IR - PC remote controller, connects via USB port
bulletRF Interface Devices (keyboards, mice, etc.)
bulletKeyRF - Send keystrokes to PC from RF remote
bulletSerial Ports
bulletMulti-port serial cards
bulletByte Runner Technologies
bulletConnect Tech Inc.
bulletDigi International - Makers of the DigiBoard
bulletUSB to Serial Converters
bulletKwik232 - Converts USB port to standard serial port



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