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IR Small

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Hot Filament IR Lights

bulletKrypton Bulb: XNiteFlash Series and FlashUV9
bulletHigh Output 2 Million Candle Power Halogen

Krypton Bulb Type Specifications

Krypton bulbs emit IR light at a wide variety of frequencies as opposed to IR LED's which emit IR light in a very narrow band.  The Krypton bulbs can be better at throwing the light farther because of the internal parabolic reflector, but they use much more energy than the LED's.  Battery life on the Krypton bulb IR lights is 3 or 4 hours compared to LED's lights which can last many times as long.

We have had many customers request IR flashlights for use with common Night Vision devices which are only sensitive to about 880nm which includes the common military type NVG's.   If you want to throw as bright an IR beam as possible and don't mind a full red glow from the flashlight, we recommend our XNiteFlash715.  If you can't afford to have any light show, we recommend the XNiteFlash830 if you are using standard Night Vision equipment.  If you use a XNiteFlash1000 with standard night vision equipment, you will not see much light at all.

You are best off using the lowest IR transmission frequency possible since the lower frequencies will transmit more light.  The IR filter installed in the light absorbs light (visible and IR), and, hence, the higher the cutoff frequency, the less light emitted.


Model Visible Light Starting transmission (10%)
XNiteFlash715 Cherry Red Glow 700nm
XNiteFlash780 Dull Cherry Red 750nm
XNiteFlash830 Barely Visible 800nm
XNiteFlash850 Not Visible 825nm
XNiteFlash1000 Not Visible 875nm

Battery Requirement  2 AA
Dimensions  6.75" x 1.75"
Infrared Lens Ground, polished filter glass
Water Resistant  Rubberized 
Bulb Type Krypton High Output

These IR flashlights are great rugged tools.  Flashlights are completely enclosed in rubber, shock resistant including the light switch.  Only the cap can be unscrewed.    Flashlight includes a nylon cord wrist strap.




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Last modified: June 18, 2015