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IR Spotlight

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Super High-Power IR Light

We manufacture a 2,000,000 candle power, 715nm, 830nm and 1000nm rechargeable spotlight.  This spotlight is the lowest cost and most powerful IR flashlight available.  A fully charged battery will power this light for 20 minutes continuously or 40 to 50 minutes intermittently although continuous usage is not recommended as the lens gets very hot.  

We have these lights in 715nm, 830nm and 1000nm.  The lower the wavelength, the more visible the light that will be emitted but the better the light will illuminate with your night vision device.  You should chose the lowest wavelength that will work for you.

715nm - Emits a cherry red glow.  Red glow will reflect off a wall to about 5 feet.  A cherry red glow can easily be seen when looking at the light.

830nm - Emits a dull red glow.  No red light visible from reflected light.  A dull red glow can be seen when looking at light. 

1000nm - When bore-sighting (viewing directly into beam) in a completely dark room from a few feet, you can see a very faint red glow.  Otherwise, the light produced is completely invisible to the human eye.   This light is so powerful that from 10 feet away, you can feel the IR light as heat though you cannot see it.

Most night vision devices (NVD), can only see to about 880nm.  The 1000nm will work but not very well with these devices.  When complete covertness is required, the 1000nm is the best option.  Most camcorders with the night shot mode can see at 1000nm, but they are more sensitive at the lower wavelengths.

The unit comes with a 12 VDC battery recharger/power cord and a 110 VAC adapter for recharging.  The light can be either recharged or powered directly off of the 12 VDC power cord.  The rechargeable batteries are replaceable. 


Model Number: XNiteFlash2M


Accessories Supplied:  12VDC Automobile Charging/Running cord, 110 VAC Power adapter Charger.


View of flashlight in operation from an IR sensitive camera.



Battery On-Time 20 Minutes Continuous/40-50 Minute Intermittent
Battery Type Rechargeable 100 to 400 cycles. 
Recharge Time 8 - 10 hours AC/ 2 - 4 hours DC


bulletLock-on/ Lock-Off Safety
bulletTripod Mounting Threads in bottom handle
bulletBuilt in hanging loop
bulletTabs on top for shoulder straps

Special Notes:

bulletFor optimum battery life, do not completely discharge battery.  Best battery life occurs when not fully discharged.  Fully discharging battery will limit unit to about 100 recharge cycles while partial discharging will yield 200 to 400 cycles.
bulletThis unit is specifically not designed for continuous use.  The intense light heats up the front lens to high levels when unit is left on.  This high heat can damage the lens.  
Minutes On Lens Temperature
1 Minute 170 degF
2 Minutes 212 degF
3 Minutes 245 degF
4 Minutes 272 degF
bulletContinuous use will also dramatically shorten battery life to about 20 minutes.  Intermittent use will extend battery life to 40 to 50 minutes on-time.
bulletStorage of unit for more than 6 months without recharging may damage battery.

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