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UV Invisible Ink - Yellow


UV Invisible Ink - Yellow  

Blacklight / Ultraviolet (UV) Viewable - MEK Based

Our Invisible Ink uses special High-Brightness Ultraviolet (UV) Blacklight Viewable compounds.  The Invisible ink glows a bright yellow under UV or Blacklight including our special UV flashlight.  Under normal light, this ink is completely invisible.  This ink can only be seen when illuminated by a UV or Blacklight emitting in the 350nm - 375nm light range.  The ink is permanent and can be applied to paper, plastic, wood and almost any substance.  Not recommend for use on skin since the ink contains acetone.  The ink does not wash off.

This ink is currently only available in our writing pen.


bullet  Please test on an inconspicuous area first!  Acetone may cloud or discolor some plastics or paints.  Always keep cap on pen when not in use.  Always keep away from open flame.  This ink contains acetone which is flammable.
bullet The 380nm to 405nm UV LED lights don't work with the yellow ink   The 375nm  and lower LED and fluorescent tube lights work excellently with the invisible yellow series inks.  If you have an inexpensive UV LED light, you most likely have a 395nm / 400nm type which will not work well with the invisible yellow ink.  If you have a UV fluorescent tube, the yellow ink should work well.
bullet All UV fluorescent inks will eventually degrade under sunlight after a week or two if left in direct sunlight.  If ink is not exposed to the sun, the ink will last indefinitely unless worn or washed off.


bullet Security Codes
bullet Use to mark personal belongings invisibly
bullet Permanently mark or sign documents to prevent forgery and fraud
bullet ink can be seen under an ultraviolet lamp by police departments
bullet Suitable for plastics