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UV Powder Invisible


Invisible Ultraviolet Powders

We have a variety of different types of invisible UV powders including long and shortwave fluorescing, soluble and non-soluble, sunlight stable and degradable and various colors.

Longwave - (365nm to 400nm)

  1. Non-soluble white powder: UVPN.  Fluoresces White / Blue 
  2. Water soluble powder: UVPW - Fluoresces White / Blue
  3. Alcohol soluble powder:  UVPA- Fluoresces White / Blue
  4. Xylene & MEK solube powder:  UVPX- Fluoresces White / Blue
  5. Acetone soluble powder: UVXPBR - Fluoresces Bright Red  Our brightest powder.
  6. Toluene soluble powder: UVXPBB - Fluoresces White / Blue
  7. Non-Soluble white powder: UVLWG - Fluoresces Green
  8. Non-Soluble white powder UVLWR - Fluoresces Red

Shortwave - (254nm)

  1. Non-Soluble white powder: UVSWR.  Fluoresces Red.  Will not fluoresce under a normal black light.  You can see this powder with our FlashUV7 shortwave filtered light.
  2. Non-Soluble white powder: UVSWG.  Fluoresces Green.  Will not fluoresce under a normal black light.  You can see this powder with our FlashUV7 shortwave filtered light.

These powders can be used to:

bullet Make paints, inks and dyes
bullet As an anti-theft invisible tracing powder
bullet Hazardous material training substitute
bullet Leak tracing

Soluble powder properties:

bullet Can be mixed in greater than a 1000 : 1 weight ratio.  For example, 1 gram of of UVPW can be mixed with 1 liter of water.  Resultant mix will appear perfectly clear under normal light, but will be highly fluorescent under black light.
bullet Trace amounts sprinkled on a surface will be high visible under black light yet completely invisible under normal light.
bullet Additional information on our UVXPBR and UVXPBB powders can be seen on our Ultra-Visibility Powder page.

If you need a highly fluorescent, high stable visible water soluble powder, please look at our UVHG powder.

UVPN Non-Soluble Powder Description

This superfine powder can be used as a pigment in paints, dusted on surfaces or mixed in solution.  UVPN Powder weight is 15 grams.

bullet Non-Toxic
bullet Invisible when mixed
bullet Non-reactive
bullet Long term stability
bullet Highly Fluorescent

Useful For:

bullet Dusting surfaces.   Fingerprint analysis and detection.
bullet Theft detection.  Powder transfers easily and invisibly to hands for tracing.
bullet Paint or plastic pigments
bullet Scientific experiments
bullet Finding air leaks and  visualizing air movements