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X-Ray Phosphors

X-ray phosphors absorb X-Rays and emit visible light.  A common use is as a coating for a scintillation screen with a visible light detector or piece of film.  We offer X-ray phosphors, X-ray scintillation cards or screens and X-ray sensitive cameras.

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Gd2O2S:Tb (P43), green (peak at 545 nm), 1.5 ms decay to 10%, low afterglow, high X-ray absorption, for X-ray, neutrons and gamma.  This phosphor has strong X-ray absorption at the Gd K-edge of 50KeV which is in the midle of the diagnostic X-ray engergy range and a very high light yield around 40,000 photonsMeV.  The phosphor crystalizes in a perfect polyhedra which is an important parameter for reaching high spatial resolution.


Y2O2S:Tb (P45), white (545 nm), 1.5 ms decay, low afterglow, for low-energy X-ray,  This phosphor is typically used for softer X-ray applications such as coating film to convert X-ray energy to visible light.