RSE_V1_R_FP: Remote Sensing Explorer Ver 1.0 B-G-NIR Full Price

$603.75 each

Remote Sensing Explorer (RSE) 3-Band Green-Red-NIR 800-900nm Full Price

Price for RSE if you are not purchasing one of our three band cameras.

RSE Featuters

  • Software designed to work with one Green-Red-NIR 800-900nm camera
  • RSE can output an false color RGB image. binary data files and false color images based on a variety of vegetation indices.
  • RSE can process files in batch mode.
  • 14 different false color pallets
  • Real time user adjustable threshold limit settings
  • Binary threshold function to display and count percent of picture above and below a user selectable limit
  • Histogram display function for each vegetation index
  • NDVI, ENDVI, NDWI vegetation functions
  • Channel viewer to allow user to assign any wavelength band to any color channel

Computer Requirements:

  • Windows PC with a 64-bit processor
  • We supply and USB hardware key.
  • You can install software on as many computers as you like, but the software will only run if you install the USB hardware key.

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