XNiteDet2: Spectral Luminescence Inspection Camera & Magnifier

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The XNiteDet2 can be used for a variety of inspections such as currency inspection, dermatology work, fingerprint Inspection, mineral investigation, etc.  The XNiteDet2 connects to your computer, tablet or phone as a video device.  Connecting to computer may require an adapter cable or hub which we can also provide.

Imagine a small, portable, versatile forensic camera, magnifier with multiple light sources that can be connected directly to your laptop, tablet or phone!

This device is great both in the office or laboratory or out in the field where you need a light, compact forensic inspection device.  Investigate at the site without needing to transport samples back to the lab.  Quick, accurate analysis at many wavelengths, lighting configurations.  Small and light enough to carry in your pocket!

The XNiteDet2 has:

- 30X Low Distortion, Achromatic Magnifying Lens

- 640 x 480 Pixel Camera Sensitive to UV, Visible and Infrared Light

- Diffuse White Light, White Side Light and 90 Degree Intercrossed White Light Mode

- 365nm UV Longwave Light Source

- 254nm UV Shortwave Light Source

- 470nm Blue LED Light

- 850nm Infrared LED Light

- 940nm Infrared LED Light

- Alternating 850nm / 940nm Flashing

- 980nm IR Anti-Stoke Laser Light Source

- Portable, Small and handheld

- Shows up on computer as a video device

- Any software that can see something like a webcam can also see this camera

- Can connect to many computers, tablets and phones.  May need an adapter cable or hub. 

- For Android phones, you can use the free software CameraFi to view camera




Altered Check Visible


Altered Check UV 365nm

Altered Check UV 254nm


Altered Check Blue Light (notice one ink fluoresces while the other ink does not)

Altered Check IR 850nm (notice one ink becomes transparent while other ink does not)



Altered Check IR 940nm (Notice one ink become more transparent at longer IR wavelengths)

Altered Check IR Cross Lighting (Notice you can see the indent in the paper from the pen tip)


US $100 Bill Detail

US $100 Bill Detail


US $100 Bill Different Inks Visible


US $100 Bill Different Inks Blue Light Showing Fluorescent Fibers

US $100 Bill Different Inks IR 850nm


US $100 Bill Different Inks IR Cross Lighting


US $100 Bill IR Stripe - Visible


US $100 Bill IR Stripe -Visible Cross Lighting


US $100 Bill IR Stripe -UV 365nm


US $100 Bill IR Stripe -IR 850nm


US $100 Bill IR Stripe -IR 940nm

US $100 Bill IR Stripe -IR Cross Lighting


US $100 Bill UV Stripe -Visible

US $100 Bill UV Stripe -UV 254nm


US $100 Bill Seal Detail - Visible

US $100 Bill Seal Detail - UV 365nm


US $100 Bill Seal Detail - Blue Light


US $100 Bill Seal Detail - IR 850nm


US $100 Bill Seal Detail - IR Cross Lighting.  (Note perforations visible)