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Our shortwave UV phosphors emit visible light when stimulated with 254nm UV light and do not emit light when stimulated with a 365nm UV light (normal blacklight).  These properties are particularly important for security applications where you do not want a user to easily detect markings, need a mark difficult to duplicate and need a mark resistant to environmental degradation.

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Our shortwave ultraviolet FlashUV7 light can be used with the shortwave UV phosphors.  Please note that shortwave light can quickly cause damage to the human eye if you look into the light for only a few seconds.  The eye can get burned but the damage won't be apparent for a few hours.

UVSW Shortwave Properties

  • Fluoresce visibly under 254nm shortwave UV-C light
  • Will not fluoresce under 365nm longwave UV-A light (black lights)
  • Inorganic stable crystalline structure
  • Average particle size 4.0 microns
  • Decomposition temperature over 1700 degF


 Phosphor Absorption Peak Emission Peak
UVSWG 254nm 525nm
UVSWR 270nm 610nm
UVSWB 293nm 480nm

Shortwave Phosphor part numbers:

UVSWG: 5 Gram UV Shortwave Green

UVSWR: 5 Gram UV Shortwave Red

UVSWB: 5 Gram UV Shortwave Blue


The shortwave phosphors are also available as a water based acrylic ink suspension with part numbers:

UVInkSWG-1: 1 Ounce Ink UV Shortwave Green

UVInkSWR-1: 1 Ounce Ink UV Shortwave Red

UVInkSWB-1: 1 Ounce Ink UV Shortwave Blue


We also have a special security ink which glows green under UV shortwave and red under UV longwave with part number:

UVInkLWRSWG-1: 1 Ounce Ink UV Longwave Red and UV Shortwave Green