Multspectral 5-Band Camera



In addition to our hyperspectral cameras, we have added a 5-band multispectral camera which costs much less.  The filter bands are discrete narrow bands with no overlap which is typical for an RGB color sensor.  The bands are:








490nm 472-509nm 466-519nm
565nm 551-577nm 542-588nm
660nm 650-670nm 640-679mn
737nm 728-746nm 719-754nm
832nm 815-852nm 796-868nm


The filter also has a stepped thickness design where the thickness of the IR filters are thinner than the visible filters in order to compensate for the typical lens IR focal shift.

By taking a series of pictures with sufficient overlap, software can extract these bands are form new images of each band or can create a 5-layer datacube for further analysis.

We can install this filter on a sensor with the Color Filter Array (CFA) or for higher performance, we can remove the CFA to create a monochrome sensor and then install the multispectral filter on top.  With a monochrome converted sensor, you have all the pixels under each filter stripe seeing the particular freqnency.