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Sony A7R IV M

Model XNiteSonyA7RIVM: Monochrome Visible Light Sony A7R IV

Model XNiteSonyA7RIVMFS: Monochrome UV-VIS-IR Full Spectrum Sony A7R IV

Sony A7R IV Converted to Monochrome Visible Light 61 Megapixel Back Side Illuminated (BSI) sensor.

Monochrome camera is 3X more sensitive to visible light after conversion.

You can see this camera in our online store by clicking here.


The Sony A7R IV converted to monochrome gains tremendous spatial and contrast resolution compared to its color version. 

Here is are some sample pictures with the first picture down-sampled for the website and then a 100% crop of part of the picture.  Pictures were taken handheld using a Sony 85mm F1.8 lens.  You can email us (click here) if you would like to get RAW file samples.  Recommended processing is to use Monochrome2DNG to convert the Sony RAW file to DNG RAW file.  Then you can use your editor of choice with the DNG file.  For further processing, SharpenAI and GigapixelAI are sometimes useful.




100% Crop



100% Crop



100% Crop



100% Crop



100% Crop