Model: UVCureMX - Halogen UV Curing Light

Model: UVCureMXLED - LED UV Curing Light

Model: UVCure100Watt395nm - 100 Watt High Power Water Cooled LED UV Curing Light 395nm

Model: UVCure100Watt380nm - 100 Watt High Power Water Cooled LED UV Curing Light 380nm

Model: UVCure100Watt365nm - 100 Watt High Power Water Cooled LED UV Curing Light 365nm


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                        UVCureMX                                                         UVCureMXLED                               UVCure100Watt365nm

The UVCureMX and UVCureMXLED UV spot gun is designed for small area curing and small part applications of UV or visible adhesives within the 365-500nm range. The unit will not overheat, even with continuous exposing cycles. 

These light guns maximizes the efficiency of applications involving ultraviolet light curing adhesives and materials. Designed for exposing small areas of UV adhesives in bonding applications such as fiber optic connections, electro-optics, lens assembly, PC board coatings, wire tacking and more. The time required for a typical bondingcan be reduced from 15 minutes to a matter of a few seconds.



Features a halogen lamp with a minimum output of 30 mW/cm2 in the 340-380nm range at a 1" distance.  Bulb life is over 100,000 twenty-second curing cycles. The light is focused into an 84mm long curved tip fiber optic light guide, 11mm in diameter.   Probe end should not come in contact with adhesive. Emits a safe, cool beam of UV light (250-400nm range). Environmentally protected housing, thermal overload protection, and filtered to block energy outside UV range. Includes power supply and gun-mounted holder.

This reliable, compact curing unit is perfect for spot/larger area (10 cm x 10 cm) curing. The precision optics offer exceptional depth of cure. It generates a high intensity UV output of 100mW/cm2 and the UV peak is at 365nm. The unit has two automatic cycle timed settings: 20 seconds and 40 seconds.  

One squeeze of the trigger starts the cycle time. After the designated exposure time has been reached, an audible alarm sounds as the light shuts off. There is a trigger activated cycle interrupt that stops exposure when the full preset cycle is not required. The unit has a quiet, high CFM cooling fan, which starts when the lamp is activated and stops automatically 3 minutes after final exposure.

The UVCureMX Spot Gun is equipped with a 8 mm x 60° light guide and an extended life (100+ hours) lamp. The UVCureMX carries the CE mark.

We have replacement lamps and light guides.

Note: Avoid direct skin contact and use suitable UV protective eyewear when operating curing gun.

• UV/VIS Output: Faster cure over a wider spectral range
• Long Lamp Life: 100 hours of curing power
• Preset Timers: 20 and 40 seconds

• Power Input: 120W (maximum wattage)
• Lamp Rating: 12V AC, 100W
• Lamp Life: 100 hours (typical)
• Light Guides: 8 mm x 60° (standard)
• Operating Voltage: 110V, 115V, 60HZ
• Intensity Output: 100mW/cm2 
• Dimensions: Power Unit Curing Gun
(no fixture) (no optic probe)
Height: 7.1 cm
Width: 13.5 cm
Depth: 18.5 cm
• Weight: 1500g

$776.25 each UVCureMX: UV Light Curing 100 Watt Spot Gun Add to cart



The UVCureMXLED curing light is a pen style, cordless, high-performance LED light source intended for polymerization of resin-based light cured materials.  The UVCureMXLED incorporates a 5 Watt UV LED to achieve high light energy output with a wavelength range of 365nm +/- 10nm to polymerize most resin-based composites quickly.  The light emits a typical energy output of 1,800 mW/cm2.  A typical composite 2mm thick will cure in 5 seconds.  The UVCureMXLED has a power button and a mode selection button which cycles the light from a 5 second cure, 10 second cure and a 10 second intensity ramp cure.  The unit has a low battery warning and can cure approximately 200 ten second cycles before needing recharging.  The unit operates quietly with a fan free design.   The base/charging unit of the UVCureMXLED has a light intensity checking port for testing the light source.

• UV 365nm output cures most composites
• Cordless rechargeable with 200 ten second cycle capacity
• Preset Timers: 5 and 10 seconds

• Lamp Rating: 5 Watt 365nm +/- 10nm
• Light Guides: 8 mm x 60° (standard)
• Operating Voltage: 110V-240 VAC 50/60HZ
• Intensity Output: 1800mW/cm2

• Dimensions: Power Unit Curing Gun
(no fixture) (no optic probe)
Height: 18.5 cm
Width: 2.5 cm
• Weight: 175 g

$891.25 each UVCureMXLED: UV 365nm LED Light Curing 6 Watt Spot Gun Add to cart

UVCure100Watt in 365nm, 380nm and 395nm

The UVCure100Watt series features a high power, water cooled UV light head that connects to a integrated water chiller and power supply.  The system includes all cables, hoses and connectors.  The chiller unit has status lights , audible alarms and an LED display showing the output voltage for the light head.  On the back of the unit are connections for water in and out, Light head power cable, input power, alarm output connection and water drain.

$1,725.00 each UVCure100Watt395nm: UV Curing Light 100 Watt 395nm Add to cart

$2,012.50 each UVCure100Watt380nm: UV Curing Light 100 Watt 380nm Add to cart

$2,242.50 each UVCure100Watt365nm: UV Curing Light 100 Watt 365nm Add to cart

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