Video Cameras

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 For IR sensitive video cameras, we have:


  • Industrial USB 2.0 and 3.0 video cameras that can save high resolution, high speed video and stills directly to a PC.
  • IR + Visible sensitive camcorders
  • Outdoor IR cameras with IR illuminators (can be used inside as well)  Our outdoor cameras have the highest power and longest range.  If you need to illuminate a large area, you should use these cameras.
  • Indoor IR cameras with IR illuminators
  • Lipstick cameras which can be used outdoors (No IR illuminators)
  • IR Board Cameras for those who are making their own enclosures

Overtime, the use of camcorders has largely disappeared almost all current digital still cameras can take videos as well.  The use of video cameras tends to be for surveillance, special use such as small lipstick cameras and industrial cameras that can save high resolution video and stills to the computer.