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After removing the microlenses and Color Filter Array (CFA) from the Canon 30D, we measured the spectral response Quantum Efficiency (QE) of the sensor.  The QE tells us the response of the sensor to different frequencies of light.  We can see that the peak response of the sensor is at 500nm.  The modified sensor will see green light (500nm) the best.  So even though the sensor sees all colors as black and white, the peak sensor response is at 500nm.  If we hold the power of light constant, we would expect to see more noise under blue or red lights which correlates with what we saw in our tests.


For those who would like to review the RAW files, you can click on the images below.

Stock Canon 30D Color Chart



MaxMax Monochrome 30D Conversion Color Chart


Stock Canon 30D Resolution Chart


MaxMax Monochrome 30D Conversion Color Chart