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$132.25 each XNiteFlashF-365-1W: XNiteFlashF Housing with a 365nm 1 Watt UV LED

XNiteFlashF Series Flashlight with 365nm 1 Watt UV LED.

Uses rechargeable 18650 battery. Battery and charger included.

Zooming Focus Head

Collimating Lens

High Quality Heavy Duty Black Aluminum Housing

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  • 16 pcs of 375nm LED's.   17mW Total Output.
  • Battery: 1 PC CR123A Lithium
  • O - Ring Sealed
  • Anti-Reflective Housing
  • Wrist Strap



16LEDCL - Optional concentration lens; can be fit on any of the 16LED flashlights to focus beam to a 0.35 inch spot 1 inch from front of lens.


$40.25 each 16LEDCL: 16 LED Concentration Lens Add to cart


This is a very powerful, small UV light.  With 375nm LED's, you can illuminate all of our invisible longwave products including the invisible red ink.


Note: Because UV LED's have greater variability, it is normal for a few of the LED's to become dimmer than the rest.  Presorting the LED's is possible, but would increase the price of the light significantly.


For higher intensity light, you can add a concentration lens to the light.  For applications such as UV spot curing, we recommend using the concentration lens which will focus the power of all the LED's to a spot about 1/2 inch in diameter from a distance of 1 inch from the surface.


16LEDCL Concentration Lens and 16LED Flashlight





Note: Green LED version shown in picture.