D850M More Pics

Here are some more D850M pictures with downscaled images followed by 100% crops.

You can also download RAW, JPG, TIFF and sharpened TIFFS here.


Check out this image that I took handheld with a Nikon D850M 500 ISO f/8 1/250 Sec with a 24mm Lens f/1.4


Here is a 100% crop of the headlight.  If you look carefully, you can see the reflection of the covered car to the left of the motorcycle in the chrome ring of the headlight and even the windows on the other side of the car.  You can also read part of the VIN.  The resolution is astounding.  Notice all the shades of grey.  A color camera can't do that.




100% Crop.  Notice all the texture details on the wall.



100% Crop.  Do not enter without a respirator. 




100% Crop



100% Crop.  Notice shadow detail.  You can see the weld marks on the railing.



100% Crop.  Machinist Lathe  Incredible detail and tonal shades.




100% Crop.  You can see the shop reflection in the air cleaner chrome.