UV 9 Watt

9 Watt UV LED Light


XNieFlashF-9W: 9 Watt 365nm UV Light with no filter

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XNiteFlashF-9W-CH: 9 Watt 365nm UV Light Cultural Heritage Edition with UV Shortpass Filter and Tripod Mount



You can buy this light in our online store by clicking here.


These UV lights are quite powerful.  The lights have 9 x 1 Watt 365nm LED's with each LED having its own focusing reflector.  This keeps the beam tight even over very long distances.  The Cultural Heritage Edition light includes a removable tripod mounting bracket and UV shortpass filter in the front which substantially eliminates any visible light resulting in a purer UV beam with almost no reduction of power at 365nm.



In a test to see how far the light can through a UV beam, we taped some of our UVXPBR fluorescent red dye to the side of a shed and using the 9 Watt UV light.

5 Feet Away.  The UVXPBR is fluorescing so strongly that it appears white to the camera.

30 Feet Away


50 Feet Away


125 Feet Away.  At this point, I ran out of room in the yard.